5 Ways to Brighten a Kitchen

brighten a kitchen

Does your kitchen feel dark, dull, or even cave-like? No matter how big or small your kitchen may be, elements within its design can determine how you feel inside the space. In the guide below, we’ll go over five simple ways to brighten a kitchen so you can enjoy the heart of your home.

Lighten the Cabinet Color

Dark cabinets can quickly make a big kitchen feel small (and a small kitchen feel tiny!). Cabinetry takes up a large portion of a kitchen, which is why changing the surface color can greatly impact the feeling in the room. You could choose to paint your cabinets white, light grey, or light beige, or you could choose to stain them if you already have natural wood. You could also opt for a light-colored overlay if you want extra details on your cabinet doors and solid surfaces. If the cabinets themselves are durable but outdated, you could get replacement doors and paint the cabinet structures to match.

 Refinish Your Kitchen Countertops

Another large component of a kitchen is the countertops. Old laminate countertops can make a kitchen appear outdated and unappealing, even with high-end finishes everywhere else. Luckily, you don’t have to replace your counters to make them look like new. Instead, you can invest in kitchen countertop refinishing, which changes the color of the surface and gives you a new finish to work with. You can choose nearly any color you like, and you can get a coating that mimics the look of natural stone. Upgrade your entire space for a fraction of the cost of countertop replacements.

Let in More Light

The more light you have in your kitchen, the brighter it will feel. There are two ways to get this light: naturally and artificially. Since most people don’t have the option to move cabinets and create a new window, chances are you’re going to have to source your light artificially. Replace your existing light fixture with a newer, more modern one that supports LED bulbs. At the very least, get a fixture that will allow you to use natural white bulbs instead of soft white ones. If you are using fluorescent lighting, you can replace the bulb with one that has a cooler tone. This will make the kitchen feel open and inviting.

Repaint the Walls

This is a fairly obvious solution, but it is yet another way to make your kitchen feel brighter and bigger. If you have white cabinets, you could choose a light neutral color to make them stand out more. Select a color that highlights your countertops, tile, and the like. Do not paint the walls the same color as the cabinets. The best designs involve subtle contrasts that showcase each feature in the kitchen for its true beauty.

 Add Under-cabinet Lighting

Installing lights under your upper cabinets is a subtle but effective way to brighten the space. Many of these lighting kits can be installed with minimal effort, depending on how elaborate you want the system to be. As a temporary solution, you could use tap lights under the cabinets. Just note that they may fall off over time and need to be replaced. Explore your options during your kitchen remodeling, and you will have a gorgeous space to proudly call your own.

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