Tile Refinishing

If you have a damaged, chipped, cracked or just outdated tile, you really only have two choices – refinish it or replace it. Replacement can be a very costly and time consuming process because of demolition, tile costs, and alterations. Not to mention the time involved in the demolition, tiling, grout, caulk and moulding that needs to be done. You could be without a bathroom for weeks.

Refinished Tile Wall

Tile Refinishing Will Save Big $$ Versus Replacing

Refinishing is a smart choice because it is much less costly than replacing, it can be done in 3-5 hours without the demolition of replacing. Once the reglazing process is complete, your tile will look brand new and will be easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner.

  • Less costly than replacing
  • No demolition
  • Change or match colors for décor purposes
  • Retains the look and feel of the original ceramic
  • More sanitary – seals the grout/caulking

Refinishing Acrylic, Ceramic or Fiberglass Surrounds

Maryland Tub and Tile can also repair and refinish your damaged or faded acrylic or fiberglass bathtub surrounds. Our reglazing compounds are superior in durability, increasing the shine of your bathtub or shower surface and making the surface easier to clean.

Refinished Bathtub

Colors and Color Matching

We can match virtually any color. Please provide your custom color choice, prior to the appointment, so we can order your color ahead of time (allow at least five days for custom colors). View more colors and finishes.

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