If you have an outdated, worn or unsightly tub, call us today. We are the refinishing specialists with one of the best guarantees in the business.

Often called reglazing or resurfacing, professional refinishing involves stripping the old surface, repairing any cracks or blemishes and then applying a professional grade finish. Unlike DIY products, the chemicals used are long-lasting and designed to create a like-new finish. The professional grade bond becomes a permanent part of the old fixture.

Refinishing a bathtub typically takes 2-4 hours. If we are refinishing other surfaces like the tile surround or countertops, it could take longer.

Typically the next day after refinishing.

Refinishing is a better solution over tub liners in most situations. Bathtub liners are glued over your existing fixtures – nothing is removed. They are made out of vinyl, acrylic or plastic the same as pre-fab units. They take about 2 weeks to order and can be installed in about a day.  A bath liner just covers up the problems and sometimes can feel spongy or hollow. Liners are usually 50% to 70% more expensive than bathtub refinishing and take much longer to complete because they have to be custom fit. Bathtub liners leave spaces between the liner and the original surface where moisture can condense. If cracks in the liner occur, the moisture becomes a huge problem. Read more about bath liners.

Hands down, refinishing saves the headaches and costs associated with replacing your tub, shower, tile or countertops. New bathtubs are relatively inexpensive – but when you add the cost of installation – the project skyrockets. While a new bathtub at a big box store costs about $300, often there are other costs to consider such as removal and disposal cost, plumbing alterations, and don’t forget the tile work. Refinishing can save you hundreds and often thousands compared to replacing. Read more about replacement vs. refinishing.

We use a professional, proprietary process with premium acrylic urethane and adhesive coating that bonds directly to the tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub. Read more about our process.

With proper care, your refinished surface can last 10-15 years or more. We give you care instructions and a written full 3 year warranty.

Refinishing works on most surfaces (Porcelain, Fiberglass, Acrylic, Marble, Granite, Glass, Ceramic, Formica, Cultured Marble, Corian). We can refinish your bathtub, shower pan, shower enclosure, wall tile, vanity, counters, floor, sinks, kitchen countertops and clawfoot tubs.

Yes. We can match virtually any color and we can even use premium materials with flakes and other methods to give your job a unique look.

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