Bathtub Refinishing Process

Just like anything else, the longer you do something, the better you get at it. We’ve turned refinishing into an art with our own proven process that we’ve developed over years of refinishing bathtubs, tile, showers, counter tops and more.

1  The bathtub refinishing process involves cleaning the surface to remove soap film, oils and other deposits and then using a special abrasive to further clean and smooth the surface. The technician removes caulking, non-slip strips, and hardware (overflow plates, cabinet, etc.). If the tub has been previously finished, the technician removes old reglazing (stripped) down to the original surface. The technician will then repair any scratches, chips or damaged areas. We will re-grout the tile and chemically etch the surface.

2    Next, the technician will apply a specially blended premium acrylic urethane and adhesive coating. We use a proprietary process and premium bonding to make your bathtub, sink, countertop and tile look and feel like new.

3  A professional exhaust system is used to capture the over spray and pump out solvents, so there will be very little odor while the job is being done – dissipating once we are finished. All surfaces are re-caulked. The refinished surface will have a high gloss and be durable (if not stronger) than the original surface and easy to clean.

Unlike some competitors – we provide you with a flat rate price (no surprise extra charges) and a no-hassle 3-year (transferable) guarantee.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes approximately 3-5 hours. Unlike bath liner installation, refinishing work does not require a two-week wait for the fabrication process.

bathtub resurfacing

We use a premium acrylic urethane and adhesive coating that bonds directly to the tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub. AND, WE GUARANTEE IT FOR 3 FULL YEARS.

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