How to Cover a Stained Countertop

stained countertop

Is your countertop stained beyond repair? Tired of seeing that red wine stain haunting you every time you clean? Stained countertops don’t always have to be replaced. There may be years left on the materials, even if they aren’t visually in great shape.

This guide explains how to cover a stained countertop so you can save money moving forward.

Countertop Refinishing Is a Long-Lasting Solution for Stained Counters

Countertop refinishing is the ideal way to cover counter stains. This process covers your existing counters with a new coating. You don’t have to remove the old countertops or cut new ones in place. Enjoy fast renovations that cost far less than replacement.

Refinishing is available in many colors and design patterns. Most homeowners choose some form of faux stone for their counters, but you could choose a solid color as well. Resurfacing works on stone, laminate, tile, and other countertop materials. If your counters have minor imperfections, we’ll fix those before we put the new glaze on.

Maryland Tub and Tile uses a proprietary formula to deliver durable and beautiful countertop refinishing. Give us a call to get your stained counters covered in no time!

Can You Paint over Countertop Stains?

Technically, you can paint over many countertop materials. This may not yield the results you want though. We can’t tell you how many homeowners we’ve talked to after they attempted to paint their counters. Most say it’s a complete waste of time, with splotchy finishes and easy scratching.

If you want to try painting just the stained area, you can. If you want the whole countertop to have a new look, opt for refinishing instead.

Should I Replace My Stained Countertop?

We only recommend replacing a stained countertop if the counter is in poor functional condition. This underlying deterioration will affect any coverage you put on the countertop. If you don’t like the appearance of the counters but they’re still in good shape, refinishing is an affordable way to remodel your kitchen.

Other Temporary Ways to Cover a Stained Countertop

Countertop refinishing is the best way to cover a counter stain long-term, but you may just need a temporary cover. Perhaps you’re waiting for new counters to arrive or you can’t refinish the counters for a few months. In that case, try one of these options:

  • Use a trivet or décor platter to cover the stain. If you have countertop appliances or a knife block, you could try moving those as well. This will only work in certain areas.
  • Lightly paint over the stained area. Use paint that closely matches the surrounding areas to make the stain blend in. This works best on laminate counters, and the results won’t last long.
  • Use a runner on the countertop. This is a decorative piece of fabric that traditionally goes on a dining table or buffet. Runners are great for covering stains on kitchen islands, but they may not work for all counter layouts.
  • Stack cookbooks over the stain. Again, this needs to look purposeful, not like a random stack of books on the counters.
  • Turn out the lights and walk away! Sometimes the only option is to ignore the mess until you’re ready to resolve it.

If you’re in need of countertop refinishing services, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 443-285-0558. We service many communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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