Black Bathtubs Are Back in Style!

Black Bathtubs

Black is a neutral color, but black bathtubs haven’t always been considered neutral features. For many decades, the idea of having a black bathtub was limited to Las Vegas homes and other club-like environments.

Black tubs are now making a comeback. You can find them in many modern bathroom designs, including luxury homes and hotels. If you’ve always wanted a black tub in your home, now may be the perfect time to make that happen.

Are Black Bathtubs Trendy or Timeless?

There is still a strong debate about the timelessness of black bathtubs. Black is neutral – neutrals are timeless. However, almond and beige are neutral shades, but those bathtub colors are considered dated by today’s standards.

Black bathtubs are easy to design around, which ensures that they look great for years to come. Nevertheless, there will always be people who only like white bathtubs. That is the true timeless shade for bathroom designs.

If you’re debating whether to put a black bathtub in your home, think about how long you want to be there. If you want to sell later on, the black tub may slightly limit your buying pool. If you’re going to be in your home for a while, do what you enjoy!

The Modern Approach to Black Bathtubs

Matte black has become particularly popular with the increased use of black bathtubs. Homeowners are also opting for a combination approach where the outside of the tub is black but the inside is white. This eliminates some of the cleaning issues we’ll discuss in the “cons” section below.

New black bathtubs tend to be sleek and sculptural. They’re meant to be a focal point and conversation piece in the room. You may not achieve this look refinishing your existing bathtub, so keep that in mind before making a bold decision.

Pros of Black Bathtubs

Black bathtubs are great for contrast. Just about any color is going to pop against black. If you want a crisp white bathroom that isn’t entirely white, you could anchor the space with a black bathtub.

Black tubs do not show stains the same way white tubs would. If you use your tub to wash out hair dye or anything with intense color saturation, black can stand up to the challenge.

Black bathtubs are growing in popularity, but they’re still unique in the grand scheme of things. If you want your house to stand out from the rest, this is a great way to do that while still maintaining a neutral color palette.

Cons of Black Bathtubs

Black shows water spots. This is a top complaint from homeowners who have black countertops. If you rarely use your bathtub, this may not be an issue for you. If you want something low maintenance, you may be better off with a white tub.

Black bathtubs can be polarizing for potential buyers. Some people may love the rich design, while others may consider it far too bold for their standards. The same could be said for safe choices though, so don’t let this stop you from getting the bathtub of your dreams. Someone will have a problem with your design choices no matter what they are. You might as well enjoy them!

Black tubs are tricky to caulk around. This is not a problem for freestanding or clawfoot bathtubs, but it may be for inset tubs. Consider how the edges of your tub are going to look so that you can achieve a polished design.

How to Turn Your White Tub into a Black Bathtub

If you love the idea of having a black bathtub, you may not need to buy a whole new tub. Maryland Tub and Tile offers bathtub refinishing services to re-color your existing bathtub. We can also refinish your sink, countertop, backsplash, shower pan, or any other surface in your bathroom. Your tub stays in place throughout the process, and we’ll add a durable coating on top in the color of your choice.

Contact 443-285-0558 to learn more about bathtub refinishing from Maryland Tub and Tile.

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