Solid vs. Speckled Kitchen Countertops

Solid vs Speckled

Countertop refinishing is a flexible process. You can choose just about any color or design pattern you want for your new countertop coating. The two main categories of finishes are solid vs speckled countertops. Read on to decide which route you should pursue.

Speckled Kitchen Countertops Camouflage Dirt

Most homeowners prefer countertops with pattern or texture because they help camouflage crumbs. On a solid countertop, every imperfection stands out. A small patch of crumbs from breakfast prep is going to stick out like a sore thumb on a solid background, but it’ll be less apparent on speckled countertops.

With this in mind, you may prefer highlighting the crumbs so you can clean them quickly. If you’re a person who meticulously cleans your household, this option may better suit your lifestyle.

Solid Kitchen Countertops Allow the Backsplash to Stand out

If you have a busy backsplash or you want your backsplash to be the focal point, solid countertops would allow you to do that. Speckled and patterned countertops are often focal points because they take up so much real estate in the kitchen. Combine this with a busy backsplash, and you end up with a jarring design that may feel too cluttered.

Think about your backsplash when selecting your countertop design. This will help you establish a cohesive look for your kitchen.

Speckled Countertops Mimic the Look of Granite

Another perk to using a speckled approach is that you can achieve the look of granite without the hefty price. Faux granite countertops take your laminate countertops to the next level, and it costs about 75% less than entry-level granite. No demolition and no hassle – use the countertops you already have! If you like the look of stone countertop, you won’t get that with a solid color.

Solid Colored Countertops Highlight a Specific Color You Want to Showcase

If you want to accentuate an accent color in your kitchen design, you can do that with solid countertops. Maybe the room feels too cool and you want to warm it up with a shade of brown. Perhaps the tile has a unique color that you want to be even more noticeable. You can potential achieve this with textured countertop refinishing, as long as the primary color is the one you want to accentuate. Our professional countertop refinishers can come up with a scheme that suits your needs.

Find the Right Design for Your Countertop Refinishing

There are many factors that go into choosing a countertop color. What colors do you currently have in your kitchen? Which features are staying vs. getting refinished? What do you want the end result to look like, and what don’t you like about your current kitchen design?

At Maryland Tub & Tile, we take all of this into consideration to help you select the perfect countertop refinishing color. Schedule your in-person consultation, and we’ll provide a detailed quote for your counter refinishing project. You can also see samples of finishing options and assess how they look in your home. We want to empower you to make smart home improvements.

For more information about countertop refinishing in Maryland, Washington DC, and parts of Pennsylvania or Delaware, please call 877-717-8827.

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