Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub?

refinish or replace

Your bathtub takes up a lot of real estate in your bathroom. While it may not be the ideal focal point for the space, its sheer size commands attention. If your bathtub is a strange color or faded from persistent use, you may be ready for an upgrade. Should you refinish or replace your bathtub? We’ll do some comparisons to help you decide.

Is Your Current Bathtub Still in Good Condition?

If your bathtub has major damage, such as a large crack, you may have no choice but to replace it. However, many chips and damages on the surface can be repaired during bathtub refinishing. We smooth out the blemishes before applying the new glaze to the tub, ensuring that the end result looks pristine. We can examine the condition of your bathtub during your quote to determine if bathtub refinishing is right for you.

The Cost of Bathtub Refinishing vs. Bathtub Replacement

At first glance getting a new tub seems surprisingly affordable. The tub itself may only cost a few hundred dollars at a big box store. That’s just the beginning of the expenses though. The cost of installation and the problems you may encounter along the way will add up quickly. You have to worry about removing the old tub, replacing the tile surround (if damaged), addressing any issues the tub was hiding, installing the new tub with its plumbing features – the list goes on and on. Don’t let the price of a new bathtub lure you into a false sense of security. There is more to the cost than meets the eye.

Getting your bathtub refinished costs significantly less than getting a new bathtub. There is no demolition or unexpected issues to pay for. We come in, fix any blemishes we see, and apply the new glaze over your existing bathtub. The process is quick, painless, and incredibly affordable.

How Long Does Bathtub Refinishing Last?

Bathtub refinishing can last for 15 years or more with proper care. Avoid abrasive cleaning tools or stripping chemicals that could damage the surface of the tub. Other than that, you can clean and use the bathtub as normal. Depending on how often you use your bathtub, it could stay in great condition for a decades! See more: Does Bathtub Reglazing Last?

How Long Does It Take to Refinish a Bathtub?

The actual refinishing process only takes a few hours. After that, the glaze will need to cure for several days. Even if the surface is dry to the touch, the layers underneath need time to fully harden. If you use the bathtub before it fully cures, you could damage the smooth surface.

If you think about the time it takes to remove and install a new bathtub, tub refinishing is still a faster process. We can plan the remodeling around your schedule, so you can arrange a time that’s convenient for you. Perhaps you have a vacation coming up and you’re going to be out of the house anyway. We can complete the refinishing before you leave, and the tub will be ready to go when you return. We will go over the timeframes with you during your consultation.

Tile Refinishing vs. Tub Liners

If you’re thinking of replacing your bathtub, you may also be thinking about a new tub surround. You could replace the tile or get a tub liner, but consider tile refinishing instead. Just like tub refinishing, this process requires no demolition and costs much less than new tile. The refinishing process covers the grout lines, so you don’t have to worry about back-breaking cleaning in the future. Tile is more durable than tub liners, and you can change your tile to look like faux stone or other finishes. We highly recommend tile refinishing over tub liners for long-term durability.

Get an In-Person Quote to See If Bathtub Refinishing Is Right for You

You’ll be amazed by how affordable bathtub refinishing can be. Once you hear the cost and see the before and after pictures, the decision is crystal clear. We would love to go over your options so you can see if bathtub refinishing is right for you. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827 to schedule a consultation.

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