Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling in Stages

kitchen remodeling

If you do not want to complete your kitchen remodeling all at once, you can plan your kitchen remodeling in stages as an alternative. The goal here is to set up stages that will minimize the work you do in the future so you don’t end up hurting something you’ve already invested money in. Your kitchen remodelers can help you come up with a custom plan for your home, but the tips below will help get you started.

Work from Top to Bottom

With countertop refinishing, you can cover up your wood laminate countertops with a durable coating that makes them look like new. We have a wide range of colors and design patterns to choose from, so you can get a look that’s perfect for your kitchen. If there are any blemishes on your current counters, we can repair those before we apply the new coating so the damages do not shine through. The end result is a beautiful surface that will take years off your kitchen or bathroom.

Get the Big Picture before Planning the Stages

Before you start mapping out your kitchen remodeling plan, you need to know where the plan is going. Design the entire kitchen, even if you cannot complete it all at this time. This will help you create chunks of work to do in the project that will minimize your labor and material costs. For instance, if you plan on moving the kitchen cabinets around, you can plan the remodeling to include that. If you are going to refinish your existing cabinets, you may have a little more flexibility with the order your stages are completed in.

Combine Stages When Possible

The more you can complete at one time, the better off you will be. This will be more cost effective, and it will reduce the amount of time you have to go without a kitchen. A good example of this would be replacing the tile backsplash and countertops in your kitchen. If you opt for countertop refinishing, we could apply a durable coating over your existing counters and tile at the same time. You’ll still get a finished product that looks brand new, but you won’t spend nearly as much money as you would with other kitchen remodeling services. Plan your projects to make the most of your resources.

Get Quotes for Each Stage of the Project

You might be surprised by how affordable some kitchen remodeling services can be. Getting estimates for your projects can help you determine what you can and cannot do at this time. If the quotes are lower than expected, you may be able to complete more of your kitchen in the first or second stage than you originally planned to do. You don’t have to commit to any specific service when receiving an estimate. That is purely designed to help you make decisions.

Consider Bathroom Remodeling at the Same Time

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling often require the same types of services: tile replacement, countertop refinishing, plumbing, cabinetry, etc. If your bathrooms are in need of an update as well, consider bundling your bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling in one. This won’t add much time to the project, and it will do wonders for the value of your home. Learn about this and more when you contact Maryland Tub and Tile today or give us a call at (410) 255-0323 for a free quote, and one of our remodeling experts will gladly assist you.

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