Refinishing Laminate Countertops to Look Like Stone

countertop refinishing

Do your wood laminate counter tops make your kitchen look old and dated? Are you worried about the cost of new stone countertops? Believe it or not, you can transform your existing countertops into stone replicas without having to spend a ton of time and money. The solution is countertop refinishing, and it’s available right here at Maryland Tub and Tile.

How Countertop Refinishing Works

With countertop refinishing, you can cover up your wood laminate countertops with a durable coating that makes them look like new. We have a wide range of colors and design patterns to choose from, so you can get a look that’s perfect for your kitchen. If there are any blemishes on your current counters, we can repair those before we apply the new coating so the damages do not shine through. The end result is a beautiful surface that will take years off your kitchen or bathroom.

Avoid the Hassle of Countertop Replacement

With countertop refinishing, you don’t have to go through the hassle of having your current counters demolished and new ones installed. We will cover your cabinets, floors, and the like so the countertop coating only goes where you want it to go. The whole process is completed quickly and easily so you can get back to using your space. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with wood laminate countertops because they do not have to sacrifice operating hours to complete their remodeling projects. We can work around your schedule to accommodate your needs.

How Long Will It Last?

During our countertop refinishing, we apply layers of primers and compounds to create a thick, durable surface you can work on with confidence. The longevity of the refinishing will depend on how much wear and tear your counters encounter, but you should be able to get years of use out of your counters without any issues. Best of all, you don’t have to pay the high prices of natural stone counters, which gives you more money to invest in other parts of your home or office. The investment will soon pay for itself.

How Much Money Will Laminate Countertop Refinishing Save Me?

Countertop refinishing can save you up to 75% on your remodeling expenses. The materials are less expensive, the labor is less intensive, and the results are just as amazing. You can request a quick estimate online for a ballpark figure of what your project will cost, or we can come out to your property to deliver a full quote in person. At that time, you can speak with our countertop refinishing experts about the different styles, colors, and patterns you have to choose from. Feel free to look through our project gallery for examples of past transformations. The results speak for themselves!

How to Get Started

If countertop refinishing sounds like the perfect solution for your wood laminate countertops, contact Maryland Tub and Tile today or give us a call at (410) 255-0323 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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