Antique Sink Restoration on a Budget

Antique Sink Restoration

Found a beautiful antique sink at a flea market that you’d like to use in your home? Perhaps you recently inherited a family heirloom that you think would be perfect in your modern farmhouse kitchen. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to spend a fortune reviving an old sink. Read on to learn about antique sink restoration on a budget.

Why Professional  Antique Sink Restoration Is the Way to Go

Many antique sinks can be refinished using the same basic techniques as tile or tube refinishing. Minor chips on the surface are filled in, and then the whole sink is sanded to prepare for a fresh glaze. After multiple coats of acrylic, the sink is sealed to protect it for years to come.

Professional sink refinishing is highly affordable, and the results last significantly longer than any DIY restoration you may attempt. With do-it-yourself methods, you run the risk of damaging the sink along the way or producing a not-so-smooth finish in the end. Professional refinishers like the ones here at Maryland Tub and Tile use high-end tools, materials and application techniques to ensure the end result is pristine. If you want a beautiful sink that stays looking great well into the future, sink refinishing is the way to go.

How Much Does It Cost to Refinish an Antique Sink?

The cost of antique sink refinishing depends on several factors, like the size of the sink and the overall condition of the basin. A small sink in good condition will cost less than a large sink in bad condition. We can provide a quote for your sink restoration so you know exactly what your costs may be. Call 877-717-8827 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Can All Antique Sinks Be Refinished?

Sink refinishing does have its limits. If the sink is in need of significant functional repair, you may need to consult with a restoration company for mending. At that point, carefully consider the cost to determine if restoring the sink is viable and worth the expense. We can tell you if a sink is beyond refinishing during your consultation.

How to Incorporate a Refinished Sink in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

After refinishing an antique sink, there are many ways to make it feel right at home in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some design tips to bring it all together:

  • Establish a good mix of old and new features. You might have an old mirror above the sink with modern cabinets and lighting. Find a balance so the sink does not feel outdated and out-of-place.
  • Provide adequate space for the sink. Many antique sinks are larger than the sinks made today. Make sure you have sufficient counter space and structural support to hold the sink.
  • Accessorize to accentuate the sink’s heritage. You could add a framed picture of the sink in its original placement or add quirky accessories reminiscent of the time-period.
  • Keep the design simple. If you have too many ‘loud’ elements in the room, it’ll detract from how special the sink is. You can have one or two focal features, but try not to go beyond that.
  • Refinish other fixtures in the bathroom to match. If you have a cream colored bathtub, it might clash with a bright white restored sink. We offer bathtub refinishing, shower pan refinishing, tile refinishing, backsplash refinishing, and a range of other services here at Maryland Tub and Tile. Give us a call to schedule your quote.

For more tips on how to style your antique sink, check out this guide: Using Salvage Bathroom Fixtures in a Modern Bathroom.

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