Using Salvage Bathroom Fixtures in a Modern Bathroom

Salvage Bathroom Fixtures

It’s not always out with the old, in with the new. Sometimes, the old has just as much beauty as the new. Over the last few years, salvage bathroom fixtures have become increasingly popular in home renovations. The key key to incorporating salvage pieces is knowing how to balance the old with the new. In this guide, we’ll provide helpful tips to guide you through the design process.

Balance the Old with the New

If you have too many salvage fixtures in your bathroom, it is going to look outdated. Choose your pieces strategically so they have purpose and intent. You may choose one focal piece, like a clawfoot tub or retro-style sink. You may incorporate several pieces from the same time period, mixed in with new tile and modern amenities. Whatever you do, make sure there are contemporary elements to compliment the architectural salvage.

Another way to think of this approach is to use vintage pieces in a modern color scheme. If you have an all-pink bathroom, give it a more neutral pallet. You can still have antique hardware and a stylish sink, but opt for a more modern color scheme. Shades of grey and white are popular right now, but so are rich greens, dark espresso browns, and light woods. If you want to maintain a ‘dated’ element, like a mint green sink, make the rest of the space as neutral as possible.

Use Architectural Salvage That Matches the Style/Age of Your Home

If you are choosing salvage fixtures to add to your home, select ones that match its age and style. For instance, if your home has a modern farmhouse style, a clawfoot tub may work perfectly in your bathroom. If your home has a mid-century modern design, a minimalistic sink may be a good fit. Of course, if you are updating fixtures you already have in the home, you may not have to worry about design discrepancies.

Choose Function over Form

No matter what renovation you’re planning, you need to keep function at the forefront of your mind. Freestanding tubs are beautiful to look at, but they are not ideal for every space. That sink you love may be nice to look at, but it may also be too small for your overall needs. Think about your day-to-day activities as you select salvage bathroom fixtures for your home. Don’t let a cool design lead you into a life of dysfunction.

Design Your Bathroom around the Salvage Fixtures

If you’re going to preserve or incorporate vintage bathroom fixtures in your home, make them the stars of the show. Design the rest of your bathroom to celebrate those fixtures. You may choose vintage lighting to go over your retro vanity, but then leave the rest of the bathroom somewhat plain in comparison. You might opt for a bold floor tile that fits the period of the bathroom fixtures. Use the salvage pieces as a jumping point for your bathroom renovation plans.

Revitalize Salvage Bathroom Fixtures with Reglazing and Refinishing

You can make vintage fixtures look new again with reglazing. This provides a new coating on the surface of the fixture to make it look shiny, clean and refreshed. The fixture still has the same shape you love, but it looks fresh from the factory.

Bathroom refinishing is a cost-effective solution to remodeling. If you already have your fixtures installed, reglazing requires no demolition or tricky configuration. If the tub, tile, countertop, or sink is chipped, the chips will be repaired before the new glaze is put on. Your fixtures will look new in a matter of hours, and they will be ready to use in a few days. You can enjoy your refinished fixtures for years to come!

Maryland Tub and Tile provides professional bathroom refinishing services in Baltimore MD and Washington D.C. To get a free estimate for salvage bathroom fixture reglazing, contact us at 877-717-8827. 

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