6 Quick and Easy Bathroom Refresh Ideas

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A bathroom refresh can be just as effective as a bathroom remodel. You don’t have to get all new tile, fixtures and features to get the feeling of a brand new bathroom. The trick is to spend your time and money in the right places so you can maximize the effects of your efforts. Here are some quick and easy bathroom refresh ideas from Maryland Tub and Tile.

1 – Refinish the Bathtub, Shower Pan or Tile

When it comes to bathroom refresh ideas, most people don’t think to refinish the surfaces in their bathroom. That’s expensive and complicated, right? Not at all! We can refinish your tile, bathtub, shower pan, countertops, and much more in less than a day. The new glaze will take a few days to cure, but after that, you can enjoy your new bathroom like you did before. Best of all, you’ll only spend a fraction of what you would to replace those features in your bathroom.

Imagine walking into your pink tile bathroom and suddenly seeing beautiful faux stone on the walls. Picture yourself opening your shower curtain to see a sparkling white tub, not a sad off-white mess. That’s the power of bathroom refinishing!

If you are interested in tile refinishing, bathtub refinishing, shower refinishing, or any other reglazing services, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827. We would be happy to go over your options and provide an in-person quote.

2 – Pick a New Accent Color for Bathroom Accessories

Have you had turquoise towels for three years now? Has the same maroon floral print been in your bathroom for a decade? It’s time to change the accent color in your bathroom. These changes can be applied to artwork, towels, rugs, wall/vanity paint, accessories, and more. Make sure that your accent color still complements the base colors in the bathroom. If you have a neutral backdrop, the possibilities are endless!

3 – Update or Frame Your Vanity Mirror

If you have a frameless bathroom mirror, you can make it look more expensive by adding a frame to it. Cut trim, molding or boards to go around the mirror. Then secure with Liquid Nails or a similar heavy-duty adhesive.

If you have a hanging mirror that is easy to remove, you could replace it with a mirror in a different style. Switch from rectangular mirrors to oval ones. Choose a mirror that matches your new accent color. Update an ornate mirror into a simple, streamlined mirror with a modern flare. This is an often-forgotten component of bathroom design that can make a tremendous difference in appearance.

4 – Choose a New Paint Color

If it’s been over a decade since your bathroom was painted, it may be time to repaint it. You could apply the same paint color or choose a new color for the walls. Perhaps the bold blue you once loved has become dark, daunting and overbearing. Maybe your stark white walls are in need of some warmth (See How to Add Warmth to an All-White Bathroom). A simple color swap can make all the difference in how you feel in the bathroom.

5 – Rethink Your Window Coverings

Window coverings are yet another space to refresh a bathroom on a budget. You can chance out the new blinds for sleek Roman shades. You could put a privacy film on the window and do away with window coverings entirely. Decorative valances, plantation shutters, bold trim around the edges – there are many ways to dress up a bathroom window. Just make sure whatever you do ties in with the rest of your bathroom refresh.

6 – Streamline Your Metal Finishes

Do you have a chrome faucet, silver door knobs and a black vanity light? If you choose one finish for your bathroom, you can make it feel fresh and cohesive. Keep in mind that “mixed metals” are becoming a popular trend in bathroom design. However, they are done in purposeful ways. Chances are your hodgepodge of metals is the result of different stages of design over time. Carefully select a finish for your hardware, bathroom fixtures and lighting for a quick bathroom refresh.

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