How to Add Warmth to an All-White Bathroom

All-White Bathroom

White is the king of all neutrals. It is timeless, universal, and fit for any aesthetic. This is why so many people have white walls, white cabinets, and white tile throughout their bathrooms. An all-white bathroom looks clean and crisp, but it can also feel cold at times. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to warm up the space. Read on to learn how to add warmth to an all-white bathroom.

Add Color with Towels, Rugs and Artwork

If the foundational features of your bathroom are all white, you can still add color to the space. Start with decorative towels and rugs that complement your personal style. If you have a shower curtain that you love, pull from those colors to choose your rug and towels. Finish the room with artwork and décor accents in the same color scheme. You could choose a single accent color or a range of tones that you love.

Use Plants to Bring in Natural Tones

Plants are great for adding color and warmth. In a bathroom, you have to be careful about steam and light availability. Choose live plants that are fit for the conditions in your bathroom, or opt for faux plants that will stand the test of time. You can put plants on display shelves, on the countertop, at the top of your medicine cabinet, or anywhere else you see fit. You could even use the plants to inspire your color accents, as mentioned above.

Swap Shampoo Bottles for Aesthetic Ones

Shampoo bottles, bodywash, conditioner, and other toiletries can be an eye sore in the bathroom. Eliminate the chaos by swapping your bottles. You can buy tons of decorative pump bottles online or in stores. Amber bottles are on-trend at the moment, and they look beautiful in all-white bathrooms. Use a retro label maker to label which products are in which bottles, and you can have a functional feature that doubles as décor.

Change the Tone of Your Lightbulbs

The tone of your light bulbs will make a dramatic difference in your bathroom. Soft white bulbs will create a golden glow in the bathroom. Daylight bulbs have a bluer hue, which can add to the coldness of an all-white bathroom. Edison bulbs and other industrial bulbs create a concentrated, rich gold color in the room. Play around with different options until you get the vibe you’re looking for.

Choose Faux Stone Refinishing for Walls and Countertops

With bathroom refinishing, you have the option of getting pure white or getting a faux stone finish. Countertops, tile, bathtubs and sinks can all be refinished to make them look like new. You could opt for white for all your finishes, but consider an alternative option. The tub and sink could stay white, but perhaps you want faux stone for your tub surround and countertops. At Maryland Tub and Tile, we offer a variety of colors and finishes to bring warmth to your bathroom.

Use a Wall Color That Softens the Stark White

You may not have the funds or time to change out the white features in your bathroom, but you can paint the walls with relative ease. This is a great way to soften a stark white room. Use a soft grey or warm beige on the walls that is neutral and not too contrasting. If you use a dark color, like navy or slate grey, you will accentuate how much white is in the space. A soft mint green or pale yellow will bring warmth without highlighting the white too much.

Boost Your All-White Bathroom with Color, Texture, and Pattern

Remember the TV show What Not to Wear on TLC? In it, the hosts always emphasized the importance of “color, texture, pattern and shine.” Those were the fundamentals of making a boring outfit look special. You can use the same principle in your all-white bathroom. Look for places to add pops of color, interesting texture, beautiful patterns and metallic finishes. Those subtle elements will make an otherwise cold space feel warm and inviting.

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