1970s Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

1970s Bathroom Renovation

Planning to remodel your 1970s bathroom? If so, you may be worried about the cost of renovation. Even a small bathroom can cost thousands of dollars to update if you plan on replacing every fixture. Thankfully, there is another approach to home remodeling. In this guide, we’ll share our top tips for 1970s bathroom renovation on a budget. You might be surprised by how affordable it can be!

Make the Most of What You Already Have

Bathroom renovations can get expensive if you try to replace every feature of the bathroom. In most cases, that’s not required to have a beautiful, functional bathroom. Before you plan for a full gut job, look for ways to reuse what’s already there. If the tile is in good shape, it can be refinished. If the vanity is in good shape, paint or stain it. There are plenty of ways to utilize the good bones in your 1970s bathroom. In the end, you’ll have a completely custom bathroom that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Transition from Bold Color to Soft Neutrals

1970s bathrooms were filled with bold color choices. Mustard yellow, olive green, rust orange, and baby pink are just some of the colors we’ve come across in our bathroom remodels. With a simple color shift, you can bring your bathroom into the 2020s.

Bathroom color schemes today mostly focus on soft neutrals, such as beige, light grey, cream and white. These neutrals stand the test of time and can transition through many design changes. If you want a bold pop of color, you can include it through artwork, hand towels, rugs, and other accent pieces. The foundation of your bathroom should remain neutral though.

Embrace Quirky Characteristics in Your 1970s Bathroom

Rather than fighting the 1970s, try embracing some of it! You may like the tile on your walls – you just don’t like having it all over the walls. You could have your tile refinished, leaving part of the original tile exposed. Then it becomes a decorative accent, instead of a chaotic eye sore. Having a nod to the past will once again make your home feel more unique.

Resurface Old Countertops to Look Like Stone

Do you have old laminate or Formica countertops that are clearly outdated? You may not have to replace them. Maryland Tub and Tile offers countertop refinishing services. We will resurface your existing countertops to look like granite, all for a fraction of the cost of stone. You don’t have to worry about messy demolition or pricey installation. We’re in-and-out within a day, and you can start using your countertops within a few days. This simple solution will instantly make your dated bathroom look fresh and new.

Brighten the Bathtub and Shower Pan with Tub Refinishing

Whether you have a blue bathtub, a green shower pan, or a formerly-white tub that’s now dingy and dull, you can brighten your bathroom with tub refinishing. This process involves resurfacing the tub to a bright white finish. The end result looks like a brand new bathtub, but refinishing is far more affordable. If you want the tile refinished at the same time, you can get an entirely new bathroom with no renovation whatsoever.

Swap the Old Glass Door with a Shower Curtain

If you have old glass shower doors, consider replacing them with a simple shower curtain. You could add new glass doors to the bathroom, but those can get expensive. Removing the doors is simply a matter of unscrewing the screws along the tracks. You may also need to remove leftover caulking with a razor blade. Getting rid of the brass or chrome trim in the bathroom will eliminate some evidence of the 1970s.

Upgrade Lighting, Faucets and Hardware

If it’s within your bathroom renovation budget, swap out the faucets, lights and hardware for modern features. Brushed metal finishes like nickel or champagne gold are popular in contemporary bathrooms. Black is also making a comeback in bathroom designs, and it provides a strong contrast to white bathtubs and sinks. If you don’t have money right away, consider upgrading these fixtures a little at a time. Within a few years, you’ll have a fully remodeled bathroom that you love.

Get a Quote for Your 1970s Bathroom Renovation

As you can see, it is possible to renovate a 1970s bathroom on a budget. Tile refinishing, countertop refinishing and bathtub refinishing make the process far more affordable than complete replacement. To get a quote for bathroom refinishing services, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827.

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