Why opt for countertop refinishing over countertop replacement

countertop refinishing

If your kitchen countertops have seen better days, it’s time to take action. When it comes to reviving tired countertops you essentially have a pair of options: replace the countertop altogether or refinish what you have. As with most every home project, there are pros and cons to examine before moving forward. The route you take will hinge largely on your specific end goal, budget, available time, and if you plan to do it yourself or hire a pro. Past experience in an array of project scenarios has shown that countertop refinishing offers clear advantages over replacement. Let’s take a closer look:

Lower Cost

Not surprisingly, countertop refinishing is far more affordable than replacing the entire piece. In fact, most counter-specific projects can yield a 75 percent savings by refinishing an existing component. Availability of durable, attractive, and long-lasting materials allows for a seamless refinishing process and many years of worry-free and great looking countertops at a very favorable cost.

One-Day Installation

Replacing a countertop is typically an arduous process. Right off the bat you have to dismantle and remove the old counters, making sure you don’t damage any adjoining cabinetry, the sink, or ancillary plumbing fixtures. Then you need to haul the old stuff away and either transport new countertops to the home yourself or have them delivered. This can and often does take days and leaves you with a room in a state of disarray.

On the other hand, refinishing can be completed in a single day and does not involve demolishing the old countertop structure. This virtually eliminates the potential for damage and saves substantial time.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

What happens to an old countertop once it is torn out of your kitchen? Tossed in a landfill, and the world doesn’t need more trash, especially if you have the option of reusing something already there. The traditional routine in the past followed current trends—granite slabs replaced laminate; solid surface and quartz replaced granite, and so on. Most often, the core countertop material is still in usable condition and only the top needs attention. If a countertop is simply scratched, color-faded or outdated; there’s no need to throw the whole thing out.

The refinishing process allows the opportunity to repair any existing cracks or unsightly stains or other damage, which greatly extends the lifespan of a countertop and is easy on the environment. Why throw something away that only needs a makeover?

Get Luxe Looks without the Price Tag

There’s no question that natural stone countertops are beautiful things. Solid, durable, and packed with natural beauty. Ditching old, outdated laminate countertop for natural stone is tough to resist, but stone counters come with a hefty price tag. The good news is that with refinishing, you can have the look of stone for a fraction of the cost. Professional refinishing can transform average-looking counters to red carpet beauties without the high-end price.

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