What NOT to Do after Refinishing Your Bathtub

Refinishing Your Bathtub

You got your bathtub professionally refinished, and it looks fabulous.

Now what? What are you supposed to do with a refinished bathtub to keep it looking its best? Follow these simple tips to learn what not to do after refinishing your bathtub.

Do NOT Use the Tub to Store Chemicals

This should go without saying, but we’ve seen it happen far too often. A homeowner uses their tub to hold paint thinner or acetone, and they end up stripping away their new coating. You can use your tub for baths and showers like normal, but don’t use it to store harsh chemicals that may eat away at the surface.

Do NOT Use Abrasive Cleaners Unless Absolutely Necessary

As a general rule, you should use gentle cleaners on your tub, sink, tile, etc. so you don’t scrape away at the surface. Even a common cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend or Comet can wear down the surface because it’s designed to scratch off dirt. The fixture may look clean at first, but it will become more prone to staining and damage in the future. Only use an abrasive cleaner if it’s absolutely necessary.

Do NOT Leave Surface Stains Unattended

Surface stains are usually easy to remove when they first happen. The longer they’re left unattended, the more they seep in. For instance, if you use your tub to clean a car part or a set of dirty clothes, you may have a rim of stains after draining the tub. It’s best to resolve those right away to avoid having to use chemicals/abrasives to remove set-in stains.

Do NOT Use a Bathmat or Traction Stickers inside the Tub

If you’re worried about slipping in the bathtub, tell your refinishing team about that before they get started. They can include a slip-resistant additive to the bottom to make it easier to grip.

Traction stickers and bathmats can wear down bathtub refinishing faster than standard wear and tear. If you’ve ever seen a tub with small flower imprints in the bottom, then you’ve already witnessed the damage of old traction stickers. These were popular for a long time, but they’re not the best for long-term preservation.

Do NOT Stress Too Much about Bathtub Cleaning!

The tips above may suggest that it’s hard to maintain a refinished bathtub, but it’s not at all. You wouldn’t use sandpaper to clean your vehicle, and you wouldn’t put paint stripper in a plastic bucket. Most bathtub maintenance is common sense, so don’t stress about it too much.

If you get bathtub refinishing from Maryland Tub & Tile, we’ll provide you with aftercare instructions. Allowing the new surface to cure is the most crucial step in this process. Everything else is routine cleaning like you’d do with any bathtub. Contact us at 877-717-8827 if you’d like a quote for bathtub refinishing.

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