Tile Refinishing vs. Painting

tile refinishing vs. painting

If you want to update your tile without replacing it, you can either refinish the tile or paint it. The downsides of tile painting greatly outweigh the positives, so it’s important to truly understand your options before committing to one. Let’s compare tile refinishing vs. painting to determine which one is right for you.

What Is the Difference between Tile Refinishing and Tile Painting?

Tile refinishing involves a multi-step process in which layers of fresh glaze are applied to the surface of the tile. The glaze goes over the grout and the tile to create a smooth, durable, long-lasting finish. Tile painting involves applying paint to the top of the tile. The paint does not adhere as well as the refinishing glaze, and the application does not involve as many steps. The results usually do not last long before the finish chips and scratches. Tile painting is less expensive than tile refinishing upfront, but the return on investment for refinishing is much greater.

Reasons to Avoid Tile Painting

A lot can go wrong with tile painting. Even experienced DIYers struggle to get a good finish from tile painting. The painting kits you can buy yourself do not contain professional-grade equipment. That’s why the paint chips so quickly. It does not have the same grip as professional glazing.

Tile paint also has a limited color selection. Sure, you paint your tile white for a clean look, but what if you want something different? With tile refinishing, you can get a faux stone finish in nearly every color combination imaginable. The customization combined with the long-term durability makes tile refinishing the superior choice overall.

Benefits of Tile Refinishing

With tile refinishing, you have a professional on site that has years of experience. This person will repair issues with your existing tile to ensure the end result is clean and smooth. The multi-step coating will be almost as durable as your tile’s original surface, but it will be modernized to suit your needs. You can choose the colors you want, and you can even add accent colors to customize tile refinishing. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to mess with any demolition! That’s why tile refinishing is the superior choice for budget bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Contact Maryland Tub and Tile to Schedule a Tile Refinishing Quote

Not sure if tile refinishing is right for you? You might be surprised by how affordable it is! Simply contact Maryland Tub and Tile to schedule your complimentary consultation. We will look over your tile to see what your refinishing options are. Then we can provide a detailed quote that reflects the scope of the project. You could also look into tub refinishing, countertop refinishing, shower pan refinishing, and other options to update your home on a budget. Give us a call at 877-717-8827 to get started.

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