Tile Floor Refinishing vs. New Flooring

Tile Floor Refinishing

If you want a new look for your flooring, you don’t have to replace it. You could opt for tile floor refinishing, which is much more affordable than new flooring. How do the two options compare? Which one is right for your flooring needs? Let’s take a look at tile floor refinishing vs. new flooring.

What Is Tile Floor Refinishing?

Tile floor refinishing involves putting a new coating over your tile and grout. First, we thoroughly clean and disinfect the floor to remove dirt, grime, body oils, and anything else that might affect the bond of the new coating. We also repair chips or cracks in the tile to ensure the final finish is smooth and professional.

With the tile fully prepared, we apply bonding agents and acrylic coatings to the surface to seal the grout and create a new look for the tile. If you opt for a faux stone finish, we apply a base coat of color and accent colors throughout. The tile is finished off with a durable topcoat, and suddenly the floor looks brand new!

Tile floor refinishing is a quick process, but the coating needs a couple days to fully cure. Even with that timeframe in mind, it’s still far faster than tile replacement.

The Cost of Tile Floor Finishing vs. New Tile Flooring

As a whole, tile floor refinishing is much more affordable than new tile flooring. The price for tile installation varies considerably, so it’s hard to say just how much more expensive it would be. Even for basic tile though, you’re going to spend much more on materials and labor than you will for tile refinishing. If you’re trying to redo your bathroom or kitchen on a budget, refinishing is the superior choice.

Cost Isn’t the Only Concern – Demo, Time, and Potential Problems

When comparing tile floor refinishing vs. new tile flooring, cost is not the only factor to keep in mind. Getting a new floor means dealing with demolition, and that process usually uncovers more problems. You may discover a myriad of repairs that have to be completed before your new flooring can go down. If something unintentionally gets damaged during demo, you’ll also have those repair costs to deal with.

Time is also an important consideration. Getting a new floor could leave your room in a state of disarray for weeks, depending on what you’re doing. Tile refinishing only takes a few hours, and curing takes a couple days after that. No messy cleanup. No unexpected delays. Everything happens exactly as you expect it to.

Reasons You Might Choose New Flooring over Floor Finishing

While there are many benefits to tile floor refinishing, it is not ideal for every situation. If you have structural issues that need to be resolved, you may need to demo the flooring anyway. If your floors are badly cracked or chipped, they may be beyond repair. We can evaluate your options during your consultation.

Get Your Personalized Quote for Tile Floor Finishing in Baltimore, MD

If tile floor refinishing sounds like the right fit for you, the experts at Maryland Tub and Tile would love to transform your space. We offer professional tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, tub/shower refinishing, and many other services. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile us at 877-717-8827 to schedule your consultation.

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