Can a Rusted Bathtub Be Repaired?

Rusted Bathtub

If you’re worried about rust in your bathtub, there are some options to explore before replacing the tub altogether. Some rust is beyond repair, but some can be remedied with minimal effort. Read on to learn when a rusted bathtub can and cannot be repaired.

You Can Refinish a Bathtub with Surface Rust

If you’re only dealing with surface rust, you should be able to clean the bathtub and get it refinished. However, you may want to check your piping to see where the rust is coming from, as it is likely traveling through the faucet. If you address the root cause of the rust, you don’t have to worry about it moving forward.

Bathtub refinishing involves prepping the surface of the bathtub and then recoating it to look like new. Maryland Tub and Tile uses a proprietary application process to create a firm, long-lasting coat on your bathtub. This will cover up stubborn rust stains and leave you with a crisp, clean tub for years to come. Give us a call at 877-717-8827 to schedule a free quote.

Structural Rust Is Tricky to Repair

If the bathtub rust is affecting the structural integrity of the tub, that’s not an easy repair. There are some ways to mend a rusted bathtub, but the results aren’t always reliable. The general rule of thumb is that surface rust is manageable. Structural rust is not. You’ll need to speak with a tub repair specialist to confirm if your bathtub is salvageable.

Rust Stains vs. Hard Water Stains

The rust-colored stains in your bathtub may not be rust at all. Hard water often creates orange stains in the tub, and those can be easily fixed with a bit of elbow grease. You may also have rust coming from older fixtures, which means that the tub itself is still in good condition. Replace the fixtures to get rid of the rust and prevent future damage.

Note that if you can see erosion on the tub itself, that is not hard water. That is indeed rust that is eating away at the structure of the bathtub. Replacement may be your only option in this case.

Should I Replace a Rusted Bathtub?

Before you replace a rusted bathtub, evaluate the real reason for the rust. Is it the faucet and drain? Is the rust coming from the pipes? Is the tub itself eroded? Are the stains actually from hard water?

Once you know the source of the rust, you can decide whether to get the tub repaired, refinished or replaced. The talented experts here at Maryland Tub and Tile would be happy to assist you. Contact us to schedule an in-person consultation.

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