Should I Repair or Replace Cracked Tile?

Repair or Replace Cracked Tile

Cracked tile is a fairly common problem, no matter how old or new your home may be. Your backsplash, flooring, tub surround, and other areas can all be susceptible to tile cracking. You do not necessarily have to replace your tile when it cracks, depending on how extensive the damage is. This guide will explain when you should and should not repair your tile so you can make plans for your future.

Hairline Cracks = Tile Repair or Tile Refinishing

Hairline cracks can usually be filled in with epoxy or some other tile repair solution. This is something we do during our tile refinishing process to make the tiles look smooth and clean. Hairline cracks can come from almost anything – heat, moisture, something heavy getting dropped at the right angle. Unless the crack caused surface chipping that cannot be covered, you should be fine repairing your tile at this state.

Note that if you get tile refinishing, the hairline crack will be covered with a special coating to make the tile look like new. It will match all the other tile that gets refinished, and it will match your grouting. If you have several cracked tiles throughout the space, this is a great opportunity to take care of them all at once.

Deep Cracks = Tile Replacement

If you have deep cracks in your tile, it would be best to replace them. This is especially true if the cracks go all the way to the bottom because that means the tile is no longer protecting the wall underneath from water. If you leave this tile unattended, you may end up with mold damage on the wall that will be even harder to repair. Thankfully, you don’t have to replace all of the tile on the wall just to fix one or two problem areas. Just get a matching tile and color-matched grout, and you can fix a targeted area without any issues.

Consistent Cracking = Look for the Underlying Cause

If you have cracked tile on a consistent basis, there may be a bigger problem beneath the surface. At that point, it is best to get a kitchen or bathroom inspection to figure out why the tile is cracking and what can be done to prevent that. If you do not resolve the root cause, you will constantly have to repair or replace your tile. You will be better off fixing the problem right from the start and then getting new tile that will last.

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