Refinishing Health and Safety Risks


There are some refinishing safety risks that everyone should know. The chemicals and odors released during tile refinishing can emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) which can be dangerous. Recently there was an explosion in a Maryland home where a contractor was refinishing a bathtub. It is not the first time this type of accident has occurred. The stripping agents used in the refinishing process can be dangerous in an enclosed room without the proper ventilation.

The refinishing industry has made a big effort to reduce the use of chemicals over the last few years. Changes in chemical composition along with a renewed effort to train workers on the proper safety precautions are among a few of these efforts.

However, these changes are only helpful if the contractor (or DIY consumer) have the experience and resources to comply. An experienced bathtub refinisher who is also licensed and insured will normally have the proper tools and safety equipment to protect you and them during refinishing.

Many stripping products (including those that may also be available to consumers) contain high percentages of methylene chloride. Methylene chloride is extremely dangerous when not used properly.

At Maryland Tub & Tile, refinishing safety is a top priority:

  • We provide local exhaust ventilation (LEV) and fresh makeup air to exhaust vapors released from the stripping agents in the bathtub. Our mobile units have a fan and flexible ductwork and hood to route vapors to the outdoors.
  • We follow all applicable OSHA standards and general health & safety standards during stripping.
  • We follow good measures for spill and leak control as well as skin washing and proper fitting respirators for workers
  • Our workers are thoroughly trained to limit exposure to the chemicals and follow safety measures

DON’T settle for an inexperienced contractor or one that cuts corners. For the same reasons, we also don’t recommend the DIY kits available to consumers. Make sure your refinisher is experienced, licensed and insured and utilizes the safety measure outlined above.

If you ever have a question about safe methods and practices in refinishing, or you want to minimize the Refinishing Safety Risks – contact us at Maryland Tub & Tile. Refinishing your tub, tile or countertop can be a great way to beautify your home and it can be done safely and professionally.

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