Refinishing Costs

The costs to refinish your bathtub can vary based on the condition of the bathtub, size, shape and whether or not it has been previously refinished. Each individual situation is different, so we would love to give you a fast, free estimate!

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Refinish a Bathtub Project Cost

Every project is a different price based on the condition, size and location of your tub, tile or counter tops. The average costs (in the Maryland region) for bathtub refinishing range from $400 to $850.
In comparison, if you replace a bathtub you could spend between $500 and $2500 depending on whether or not you have to make plumbing alterations. Tear out and disposal of bathtubs is a very labor intensive project. For bath liners; the cost can range from $500 and up to $4000 depending on whether you are hiring a professional to install it.
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