Is It Cheaper to Replace or Refinish Cabinets?

refinish cabinets

On average, new cabinets and hardware make up 29% of a kitchen remodeling budget. This is the biggest expense by far, even bigger than the appliances and countertops. If you’re looking to save money on kitchen or bathroom remodeling, a great place to start is to refinish cabinets. This isn’t a good option for everyone though.

In this guide, we’ll compare the cost and other factors involved with cabinet refinishing vs. cabinet replacement in the hopes that you can find the right fit for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refinishing

The obvious perk to refinishing your cabinets is that you save a ton of money. Even if you choose the lowest grade of cabinets available, you’re going to spend thousands getting new cabinets for your kitchen. You also save money in labor because you don’t have to demo the old cabinets and install new ones. All you’re doing at this point is refacing what’s already there.

Cabinet refinishing can make your cabinets look brand new, regardless of their age. You can add a fun pop of color for a change of pace, or you can neutralize a dated color pallet. If you have wood cabinets, you could stain them to be lighter or darker and change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen.

The drawback to cabinet refinishing is that you can’t change look or layout of your cabinets. Yes, you could replace the doors or add trim to modify the appearance, but if you’re purely looking at refinishing them, there is only so much you can do. If you have cheap or broken cabinets, refinishing may not result in the professional look you’re going for. Some cabinets just aren’t meant to be refinished.

Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Cabinets

Replacing your cabinets will cost a pretty penny, no matter how frugal your approach is. Nevertheless, this does give you the option to lay out your kitchen or bathroom exactly how you want to. If your current configuration doesn’t fit your lifestyle or provide adequate storage, new cabinets could fix that.

With new cabinets, you can also choose the exact look you want for your kitchen. You’re going to pay for that luxury, of course, but your design flexibility is only limited by your imagination and budget. If you want to completely modernize your home, this is a great option for you.

Keep in mind that once you start pulling out the old cabinets, you may find a slew of new problems to deal with. A seemingly small project can turn into a massive undertaking pretty quickly. Make sure you have contingency funds available to handle these obstacles as they arise.

How to Compare Costs to Make a Wise Home Investment

If your current cabinets are in disrepair or they have an obsolete layout that wastes a ton of space, you’ll likely be better off replacing your kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets are in decent shape and you want to freshen them up, it is cheaper to refinish cabinets instead of replacing them.

Consider your short- and long-term needs, as well as your budget and the options available to you. Get a quote for cabinet refinishing from Maryland Tub and Tile, and see which route you want to take for your home. You can call us at 877-717-8827 to get started.

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