Read This BEFORE Getting a Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic tile backsplashes were a staple in kitchen designs several years ago, but they are starting to fade in popularity. With that in mind, there are still plenty of beautiful mosaic options to choose from, and they may go perfectly with your kitchen. Here are some important considerations before getting a mosaic tile backsplash to help you confirm your design choices.

Don’t Get Mosaic Tile If You Have a Busy Countertop or Floor Pattern

Mosaic tiles are statement pieces, and they’re beautiful in the right setting. If you have a busy countertop or floor pattern, the varying colors, textures and finishes on the mosaic may create visual clutter. If there is already ‘a lot’ going on elsewhere in your kitchen design, stick with a solid color backsplash instead.  If you have a mostly muted kitchen design, you can be a little bolder with your backsplash selection.

Choose Mosaic Tile with Neutral Colors

Neutrals last longer. It’s that simple. If you choose a mosaic backsplash with color in it, chances are it will be out of style within a few years. Your personal taste may also change in that time. Navy blue is a hot color right now, but it may not be five years down the line. Stick with neutral colors for the foundational elements of your kitchen. Then add color in towels, art, and other accents.

A Mosaic Tile Backsplash May Cost More Than You Realize

Mosaic tile is more difficult to install than subway tile or ceramic tile. The extra care it requires is going to translate to extra labor expenses. The grout required for mosaic backsplashes is significantly higher than with other tile. That is because there are more spaces between the tile that need to be filled with grout. All of this contributes to the cost of your backsplash, which you need to consider when budgeting for your kitchen remodel. The price of the tile is only the starting point.

Carefully Consider Which Direction You Want the Tile to Hang

Mosaic tile is typically hung in a horizontal pattern, but it doesn’t have to be. You could hang the tile vertically to accentuate the height of the kitchen. This works particularly well behind statement range hoods. The tile draws the eye up and creates a beautiful backdrop behind the hood. Don’t be afraid to look at things from a different angle when planning your kitchen remodel.

Removing Mosaic Tile Is a Tedious Headache

You might be thinking, “If I don’t like my backsplash, I can always replace it later.” Stop! Hold that thought right now! Any tile backsplash is going to take work to remove, but mosaic backsplashes are extremely tedious. The small tiles and extra grout lines makes for a laborious task you will surely dread when the time comes. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a mosaic tile backsplash. It simply means you need to think carefully about it.

Have You Thought about Backsplash Refinishing Instead?

Before you decide to replace your backsplash, consider finishing it. That’s right – you can have your backsplash resurfaced and completely skip the demolition process. Maryland Tub and Tile offers tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, backsplash refinishing, tub refinishing, sink refinishing, and more. You can transform your kitchen for a fraction of the price, and you’ll be able to enjoy the results for years to come!

To learn more about tile backsplash refinishing, give Maryland Tub & Tile a call at 877-717-8827. We would love to discuss your options and schedule a time for a hassle-free quote.

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