Prepare your house for resale with bathroom and kitchen countertop refinishing

bathroom and kitchen countertop

Experienced realtors will tell you that bathroom and kitchen countertop sell homes. In fact, buyers deciding between several different properties almost always return to and buy the one with the most attractive kitchen and/or bathrooms. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market and currently have an outdated kitchen or worn out and unattractive bathroom fixtures, refinishing gives you an edge when the for sale sign goes up.

New bathroom or kitchen countertops typically command a high price tag but refinishing your existing countertops is an affordable alternative, which is especially attractive if you have a limited budget. Provided your current crop of countertops is in overall good shape, they can be dressed up with a new and vibrant surface that will transform the room’s look and feel. Let’s look at some proven and effective strategies to prep your home’s countertops to help attract buyers.

Granite or solid surfaces sell

Today’s home buyers want and expect durable, solid-surface kitchen work areas and attractive bathroom spaces. In fact, this type of material is nearly standard fare in many homes. If your kitchen or bathroom is still sporting that alluring laminate from the 70s, it’s time to update. The good news is there are lots of options when it comes to countertops, with granite and quartz two of the most popular.

Quartz countertops are all the rage these days, in some cases more popular than granite, and are a lock for boosting home value. Both are beautiful materials and neither comes cheap. However, refinishing your existing countertops can revitalize a kitchen or bathroom in the same way, at less than a quarter of the cost of new material.

Benefits of bathroom and kitchen countertop refinishing

When buyers see warm, inviting kitchens they can picture themselves preparing meals for a neighborhood party or kid’s birthday event. Clean and comfortable bathrooms spark inspiration of decorating to match their style. Most buyers don’t want to fix all kinds of things in a new home; they want to move in and enjoy living there.

Hide the flaws

If your existing countertops are riddled with scratches or dings, the refinishing process starts with repairing those imperfections and creating a smooth, solid surface. The new surface material is then applied and the result is a countertop that looks showroom-new at a bargain price.

Extend its life

There’s no reason to toss out old countertops every 10 years if they are still structurally sound. Refinishing adds a new layer of protection and literally adds years to a countertop’s lifespan while saving you a significant chunk of money.

Get colorful

Along with durability, great looks, and low cost; refinishing countertops allows you to choose from a Crayola palette of colors to perfectly match your current kitchen or bathroom look, or try on an entirely different style and personality. A color change is also a great way to instantly modernize the room’s appearance without the high cost of a full remodel.

For more information on countertop solutions prior to home resale, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at (877) 717-TUBS (8827) or marylandtubntile.com.

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