Powder Room Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

powder room remodeling

Powder rooms are tiny but mighty. Their limited square footage doesn’t have to detract from their design opportunities. In fact, many homeowners are now embracing their small bathrooms as a chance to show off their personality and add a wow factor to their home.

If you’re planning a powder room refresh on a limited budget, these tips will help you spruce up the space without breaking the bank.

Add Wallpaper or Bold Artwork for a Pop of Personality

Removable wallpaper is easy to install, and it adds a ton of visual interest in a small space. If you don’t want to use wallpaper, you could opt for a focal piece of art for the bathroom. This can be something quirky that you wouldn’t necessarily put in the main area of your home. Make it a conversation starter – an interesting print that sets your home apart from the rest.

Swap the Mirror for Something Unique

If you have a standard mirror in your powder room, consider swapping it for something more unique. You could get an antique mirror at a thrift store or create a bold frame out of everyday objects. Use your art or wallpaper to set the tone for the room, and then embellish with accents that compliment it. You’re going to have a mirror no matter what. It might as well have an interesting shape, frame, color or style!

Use a Dark, Dramatic Color Scheme

Many homeowners avoid dark colors in small bathrooms for fear of making the room feel small. But guess what: it’s always going to be a small room! Sometimes you just have to embrace the way a space is. Play into the confinement and create a design that’s dramatic, cozy and tranquil. Black, dark blue, hunter green, crimson – the color possibilities are endless. Don’t assume you have to use a light color in a small room. You may have a lot more fun leaning into the dark side.

Refinish Your Powder Room Tile (You Don’t Have to Replace It!)

If your powder room tile is dated, you don’t have to replace it. You could simply get tile refinishing to change the color of the tile. This will save time, money and hassle so you can invest in other aspects of the remodel. Maryland Tub and Tile offers affordable, long-lasting tile refinishing services. We’d be happy to come by to provide a quote for you. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827 to schedule your consultation.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Clutter can make a small room feel microscopic. Keep knickknacks and counter clutter to an absolute minimum. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference simple cleaning can make in the space. Reserve small pieces for other areas of your house, and stick to a dramatic focal point in the powder room.

Powder Room Remodeling – It’s All about the Details

In a small bathroom, accents make a huge difference. Using a funky toilet paper holder instead of a standard pole on the wall can completely transform the space. Again, you should refrain from using knickknacks in the space because that could make it feel cluttered. Nevertheless, you could get unique lighting, cabinet hardware, light switch covers, etc. Look at the elements you already have in the room, and see if you could change them for something more custom. Transform your smallest bathroom into your biggest conversation piece!

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