Can You Refinish Patterned Tiles?

patterned tiles

Patterned tiles are beautiful when first installed, but the patterns tend to go out of style. If the design of your tile makes your kitchen or bathroom look outdated, you don’t have to replace it just yet. Consider tile refinishing instead. Let’s explore the pros and cons of refinishing patterned tiles.

Yes, You Can Refinish Patterned Tiles

You can refinish just about any type of tile. This includes new or older patterned tiles. If you have tile that’s in good condition that you no longer like the look of, you can quickly refresh it with the help of our professional tile refinishers.

Some Textures May Show through the New Coating

There are two types of patterned tile: flat patterns and raised patterns. If you have raised patterns on your tile, those shapes may show through after tile refinishing. You can still change the color of the tile, but you may not be able to change the texture on top. This is something to keep in mind if you do not like the style of your tile.

If you simply have a painted pattern on your tile, the new tile coating will appear flat. Perhaps you have a busy backsplash tile that you want to simplify into one color. Tile refinishing can do just that.

Can You Refinish Colored Tile?

Absolutely! This is the most common reason people contact us for tile refinishing. You don’t have to live with that baby blue or lime green tile any longer. Many homeowners choose white tile refinishing to create a crisp, clean look, but that is far from your only option. You could choose almost any color you want, including faux stone or metallic finishes.

Can You Add a Pattern with Tile Refinishing?

You can add pattern with tile refinishing, depending on the specific pattern you want to achieve. If you want the individual tiles to have a stamped pattern, you aren’t going to achieve that through the refinishing process. If you try to stamp the tiles yourself, you’re going to end up with a tedious mess that doesn’t last long anyway. It’s not worth the hassle.

If you want your tile to look like stone or you want certain tiles to be an accent color, that is definitely achievable. We love adding accent borders or patterns to create visual interest in a space. Check out our before and after gallery to see some examples of our work.

Can You Change the Grout Color between Tile?

During the tile refinishing process, we cover both the grout and the tile. This means that your old dingy grout lines will no longer look old and dingy. Instead, they’ll be the same color as the tile surrounding them. The coating also covers the pores in the grout lines, which are responsible for the discoloration. Translation: no more laborious grout cleaning!

If you just want to change your grout color without refinishing your tile, there are grout pens you can purchase for that purpose. This usually works best if you are going from a lighter color grout to a darker color. Just note that when you make your grout darker, it will emphasize any issues you have with tile alignment. The higher the contrast, the more noticeable the flaws are.

To learn more about the pros and cons of tile refinishing, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827. We would be happy to arrange an in-person consultation with you.

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