Can You Paint Countertops with Chalk Paint?

Paint Countertops

If you hate the look of your countertops but don’t have the means to replace them, you may be exploring DIY countertop painting. This became a popular trend several years ago, but it has sense faded because of its short-term results. In this guide, we’ll explore whether or not you can paint countertops with chalk paint, along with some longer lasting alternatives.

You Can Paint Your Countertops, But That Doesn’t Mean You Should

The truth is you can paint just about anything. You could slap some paint on your toilet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like the results. Chalk paint does have a firmer grip than other types of paint, but it is not designed for the wear and tear countertops go through. Most homeowners that try this option end up with a splotchy finish that’s prone to chipping and scratching.

If you are going to attempt this, make sure you thoroughly prep the countertops ahead of time. This won’t make the paint anymore durable, but it can help it adhere better to the counters. Ultimately though, you’re better off choose countertop refinishing instead.

A Better Alternative to Chalk Paint Countertops

Before you set yourself up for disappointment, explore the option of countertop refinishing. This process recoats the surface of the counters with a durable high-end finish. You can achieve the look of granite without paying the hefty price, and you don’t even have to deal with demolition!

Countertop refinishing is designed to last 10 years or more, depending on wear and maintenance. It works on most surfaces, including Corian, laminate, Formica, tile, cultured marble, and more. Refinishing costs up to 75% less than replacement, and it is completely customizable. Achieve the exact look you want for your countertops with a complete satisfaction guarantee. You won’t get anything close to that from chalk paint.

How Much Does Countertop Refinishing Cost?

The cost of countertop refinishing depends mostly on the amount of surface area to cover. We can also refinish your tile backsplash, bathtub, shower surround, and much more. Whether you’re trying to upgrade your kitchen or renovate your bathroom, countertop refinishing is an affordable solution for you.

We’d be happy to provide a custom quote for your refinishing needs. If you’d like to bundle tile refinishing and countertop refinishing, we can do that. If you just want to change your countertop color, we can do that too. Give Maryland Tub and Tile a call at 877-717-8827 to schedule your countertop refinishing estimate.


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