How Long Do Refinished Countertops Last?

refinished countertops

Countertop refinishing is an affordable way to renovate your kitchen and extend the life of your counters. Instead of removing your existing countertops and paying for new ones, our experts can make your counters look like new, real stone. The process is much faster and less expensive than countertop replacement, which begs an important question: how long do refinished countertops last?

In this discussion, we will explore the lifespan of refinished counters, along with tips to keep your counters looking their best.

How Long Do Refinished Countertops Last?

The average lifespan of refinished countertops is 5-7 years. However, we have seen some homeowners have beautiful looking countertops a full decade after refinishing. It all depends on how much you use your counters and how well you care for them.

This is not to say that the countertops can no longer be used after 7 years. This is just the time when you might see chipping, scratching, and other damage because the top coat has started to wear away. You can still use your counters just like you did before.

How to Preserve Your Refinished Countertops

If you want to keep your countertops looking flawless, follow these tips:

  • Use hot pads or trivets when placing a hot pan on the counter. Setting a hot pot directly on the counter could create a heat spot or burn an indention into the counters. This applies to any laminate countertops, not just refinished ones.
  • Use cutting boards to slice meat and vegetables. Do not use the surface of your countertop as a cutting board.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products. You can clean most stains and spills with paper towels, dish soap, or antibacterial surface wipes.
  • Clean spills as quickly as possible. While your refinished countertops will be resistant to stains, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible. This is especially true after a few years because the clear coat on the counters will be thinner and more susceptible to penetration.
  • Lightly wipe grains and granules off the countertop. Do not scrub the counters when salt, rice, or other particles are on the surface. Gently wipe those off first, and then scrub. The grains can create tiny scratches in the counters that could lead to damage later on.
  • Place a surface protector near the stove for spoons and spatulas. Not only will this protect your counters from heat, but it will also prevent them from getting scratched with frequent use.
  • Repair damages before refinishing the countertops. We will do this as part of our countertop refinishing process. The repairs ensure that the end result looks as smooth as possible, and it will reduce the risk of damage in the future.

For Best Results, Avoid DIY Countertop Refinishing

If you’re trying to save money on kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you may explore the ideal of DIY tile and countertop refinishing. There are paint kits you can buy fairly inexpensive at big box stores, and they claim to provide “long-lasting results.” That is simply not the case though. These kits are usually a nightmare to use, and their results only last for 1-3 years (regardless of what the box may say). We had one homeowner use chalk paint to DIY refinish her counters, and the paint started scratching in the first week. Trust the professionals like Maryland Tub and Tile if you want to get the most from your investment.

The Affordable Way to Follow Current Kitchen Trends

There is a benefit to having countertops that last for a decade. This gives you a chance to hop on new kitchen remodeling trends as they emerge. Just 10 years ago, hunter green counters were chic and trendy. Now most homeowners are moving toward grey-tone countertops. In another 10 years, burnt orange could be the hot color in kitchens. No matter what the new trend may be, you can affordably update your kitchen and bathroom with countertop refinishing.

It’s important to note that the lifespan of your counters is not defined by condition alone. Your counters may look great in 10 years, but that won’t matter if you do not like them. To avoid this problem, select a neutral color for your countertops that will stand the test of time. We have a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from, so you can pick a style that will grow with the times.

Cost of Stone Countertops vs. Refinished Countertops

Stone countertops can last for decades, so they may seem like a more affordable long-term solution. This is the case for some homeowners, but for most, countertop refinishing is still the lowest price option. By the time you factor the cost and time of installation, countertop refinishing is about half the price of stone countertops. If you have an intricate layout or a long counter, that limits the types of slabs you can get – thereby increasing your costs even more.

The best way to determine if countertop refinishing is right for you is to schedule a free quote. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827, and one of our kitchen remodeling experts will be happy to assist you. We will explain exactly what your costs will be, and you’ll see just how affordable refinished countertops are.

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