Inexpensive Ways to Cover Old Countertops

Cover Old Countertops

Tired of looking at your old, dated countertops? Want to freshen your kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune? There are many inexpensive ways to cover old countertops, and some are more effective than others. Check out this guide to learn the best way to reface old counters.

Factors to Consider before You Cover Old Countertops

Before you decide how to cover your old countertops, you need to think carefully about what you use those countertops for. These factors will determine which type of countertop covering works best for you. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • How often do your countertops get exposed to moisture? If you frequently wash your hands or prepare food over the countertops, you need to make sure the new cover will stand up well to moisture.
  • What look do you want to achieve with your countertop covers? Would you like the counters to look like stone, or would you prefer a solid color? Note that solid colors will show dirt more.
  • How do you clean your countertops? If they’re in an area where you wipe them down with a dry cloth, you have more options for countertop covering. If you wipe your counters with any sort of cleaning liquid, you need a cover that can stand up to the task.
  • Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, you may not be allowed to change the countertops at all. If you own your home, you can do whatever you want!
  • What shape are your current countertops in? Some processes, like countertop refinishing, include minor blemish repairs. This provides a smooth surface in the end. If your countertops are in rough shape, those damages may show up through the new cover. Choose wisely.

Get the Countertops Professionally Refinished

The best way to cover old countertops is to get them professionally refinished. This process involves repairing blemishes on the countertops and then applying a curable new coat to the surface. You can get a solid color or choose a faux finish that looks like stone. In fact, this is how some homeowners test granite colors before investing in granite countertops. You can see what the stone may look like in the future while only spending a fraction of the price.

Countertop refinishing is durable, easy to maintain, and perfect for older laminate countertops. It is far more effective than other countertop covering options, and you can choose from endless color combinations. If you are trying to cover countertops for your income property, this option is an amazing value. You can also consider tile refinishing and tub refinishing to freshen other portions of your home without demolition.

Why You Should Avoid Painting the Countertops or Using Contact Paper

There are many DIY ways to cover old countertops. You may be drawn to a solution like this because it seems more affordable at first glance. However, there are many drawbacks to DIY countertop covers. If you choose to paint your countertops, you will need to repair all blemishes before starting the process. This is tedious and may result in your counters looking worse than when you started. DIY paint kits are far less effective than professional countertop refinishing. They chip and scratch easily, and they are difficult to master. It does not cost much more to get the counters professionally refinished, and it makes a big difference in the end result.

If you’re considering covering your countertops with contact paper, keep in mind how tricky this will be. It is nearly impossible to smooth out the contact paper so no bubbles show, and removing the paper is not as easy as video tutorials make it seem. In many cases, it takes hours to remove the contact paper, and the paper leaves a sticky residue that takes even longer to scrape off. Furthermore, the tackiness of the contact paper could ruin the countertops underneath, depending on what they’re made from. Save yourself the headache and do the job right the first time.

Use a Surface Protector to Cover Small Damage

If you have a small issue in an otherwise perfect countertop, you might be able to hide it with a surface protector. You could also strategically place a small appliance, utensil holder, or piece of décor over the damage. This is typically the best option for renters because landlords are not keen on tenants making major home improvement changes. Get creative with how you place your countertop decorations, and you may be able to hide the issue altogether.

Fill in a Blemish with Touch-up Paint

If you have a small chip in your countertop, you could use matching touchup paint to hide the damage. This isn’t going to eliminate the issue, but it might get you by until you decide what to do. Whether you opt for countertop refinishing or countertop replacement, the tricks above can make your home look clean and fresh.

If you are interested in countertop refinishing, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827. We would be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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