How to Neutralize Kitchen and Bathroom Colors

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Neutral colors last. That’s the simple truth. If you use any sort of accent color in your kitchen or bathroom, it’s eventually going to be out of style.

Since you landed on this guide, chances are you’re already dealing with an out-of-date color in your home. You may have hunter green tile on the floor or a baby blue bathtub that was once a hot commodity. No matter what color is plaguing your home, you don’t have to deal with it forever. Here are some tips to neutralize kitchen and bathroom colors.

Understand Undertones and How They Affect Color Perception

Undertones play a big role in how a color looks in a room. Some shades of grey look blue, purple or brown in a room because of the undertones in the grey and the surrounding colors. If you wanted to make a blue-grey look more neutral, you could change the lighting in the room or adjust the colors around it. Paint your wood trim white. Use a neutral toned lightbulb. Little tweaks like this can make a big difference.

Of course, you can’t change the fact that pink tile looks pink. If the dominant color in a feature is not neutral, you can’t make it look like a neutral with some surrounding paint. If you’re dealing with neutral beige tile that looks pink at the moment, that could be the undertones. But actual pink tile is always going to look pink.

Refinish Outdated Tile, Countertops and Fixtures

You don’t have to replace your tile and countertops. You can change the color with tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, tub refinishing, etc. We’ll apply a new coating directly over your tile and grout, eliminating any evidence of the old color. You can make your new tile white, grey, beige, black, or any other color you want. We can even do a faux-stone finish to make your countertops look like granite.

Tile refinishing costs 75% less than tile replacement, on average, and it requires no demolition. We can refinish most kitchen and bathroom surfaces, even manufactured stone and laminate countertops. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827 to learn more about custom refinishing services.

Embrace One Accent Color

There is nothing wrong with having an accent color in the kitchen or bathroom. If you like the pink tile in your bathroom, embrace it! The key to doing this successfully is to stick with one accent color, surrounded by neutrals. If you had pink tile and blue walls, you may paint the walls white to make the pink the focus.

Neutrals create a foundation that can transition through the trends. If you have a mostly neutral base, it’s much easier to shift décor when your design style changes. Keep this in mind as you neutralize colors in your kitchen and bathroom.

Choose Neutrals That Will Stand the Test of Time

Navy blue is considered a neutral, but it’s not really “neutral.” When you select neutrals for your bathroom remodel, make sure they can stand the test of time. Beige, white and grey are safe bets, but also be mindful of the undertones. Test the colors in your bathroom lighting to find a long-lasting solution.


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