How to Make Outdated Border Tile Look New

Make Outdated Border Tile Look New

Do you have colored or patterned border tile in your bathroom that looks old, outdated, and unappealing? There are a few ways to resolve this issue, depending on how much money you want to spend and the overall condition of your bathroom. In the tips below, we will go over some different ways to make outdated border tile look like new so you can remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Replace the Border Tile (and Only the Border Tile)

In some cases, you can remove the border tile independently and replace it with something more modern. For instance, you could add a small strip of glass mosaic tile to get a custom look without completely redoing your bathroom. You must be careful with this plan though because it doesn’t always work out. You will essentially need to cut out the border tile using an oscillating tool and extreme precision. Cut along the grout and use a flathead screwdriver to pry the tile out of place. If your oscillator slips or you put too much force on your tile, you may damage some of the surrounding tile. This can be difficult to match, and it may force you to do more remodeling than you wanted to.

Also keep in mind the “golden era of tile placement.” There was a point in time a few decades ago where tile was installed to last forever. That’s great from a longevity standpoint, but it’s not ideal for remodeling. You may find yourself replacing part of the drywall or other fixtures along the way if your tile is stuck too tightly to the wall. If everything works out correctly though, you can add a new decorative border that goes with your modern design idea and your work will be done.

Refinish the Tile

Tile refinishing is an affordable alternative to tile replacement, and it is a great way to give your bathroom a facelift. In this case, all of your tile will become one color, including the old border tile and the tiles that surround it. The coating will cover your grout lines, while still leaving a pleasant-looking indention. This makes the tile easier to clean and creates a beautiful look for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

If your bathtub is stained, colored, or no longer looking its best, you could get the entire tub and tile surround refinished at the same time. Not only will this cover the grout between the tile, but it will also cover the space between the top of the tub and the bottom tile line. This is an area that people consistently struggle to keep clean, so you can enjoy years of easy maintenance with one simple remodeling step.

Build Your Bathroom Design around the Border Tile

You may choose to embrace the border tile and use it for design inspiration. Interior design trends have a way of coming back around, so those dated clay-colored border tiles could be all the rage 10 years from now. Yes, you will have to with for that trend to come back around, but you may be able to make it work in the meantime. Add art, towels, and other accessories that have the tile color in them. With the right balance, you can create a cohesive bathroom that doesn’t look nearly as old as it does now.

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