How to Make Linoleum Flooring Last

Make Linoleum Flooring Last

Linoleum flooring has changed significantly over the last few decades. New designs and new installation technology now allows faux tile floors to look real and last a long time. In order to make your linoleum flooring last though, you need to care for it in the right way. Here are some linoleum maintenance tips to maximize your flooring investment.

Sweep and Mop Regularly

Standard cleaning techniques like sweeping and mopping will keep your linoleum in tip-top shape. The amount of times you have to clean your flooring will depend on the traffic in your kitchen or bathroom, but most people clean their floors about once a week. Make sure you sweep the floors before you mop them so crumbs and other particles do not get trapped in the mop. These can cause tiny scratches on the linoleum that will damage it over time.

Clean Stains as Soon as They Happen

Modern-day linoleum is coated to be stain resistant, but it may still be susceptible to stains if they are left alone for too long. If you spill tomato sauce on the floor or drip soda from a freshly opened bottle, wipe it up as quickly as you can. This will make the cleaning process easier as a whole because you won’t have to deal with a hardened crust mess. Teach other members of your family to do the same, and your flooring will look great or years to come.

Avoid Excess Mopping Liquid

When you are cleaning the floor, try not to use too much mopping liquid – especially around the edges of the linoleum. This liquid can sink underneath the flooring and break down the adhesive holding the linoleum in place. Wet mops like the ones made by Swiffer and similar manufacturers are great for cleaning linoleum because they only let out a small spray of cleaning solution at a time. You could use these products for day-to-day cleaning and then use a more thorough linoleum cleaner for deep cleaning every few months.

Get Your Linoleum Polished When It Starts to Dull

If the surface of your linoleum starts to lose its shine, it may be time to get it polished. This will not only make the linoleum look better, but it will also re-seal it. Rather than having to get entirely new flooring, you can just maintain the flooring you already have. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile to learn more about floor and countertop polishing, and we will help you find the best solution for your specific needs.

Strip and Polish Your Linoleum

In some cases, you need to have your linoleum stripped before it can be polished. This allows the new polish to adhere properly to the linoleum, and it ensures the polish coats evenly throughout the floor. The stripping process does not take long, so you should be able to start using your flooring again in no time. Stripping is particularly beneficial for older linoleum where the existing polish may now be discolored. You can remove all of the stained coating from before and get a fresh start for your home.

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