How to Maintain Your Refinished Bathtub

maintain your refinished bathtub

You just got your bathtub refinished, and you love the way it looks. What can you do to protect your bathtub and keep it looking like new? Refinished bathtubs are easy to maintain, but there are ways to ensure they always look their best. In this guide, we’ll explain how to maintain your refinished bathtub.

Wait Several Days before Using Your Bathtub

Your bathtub needs time to fully cure before you use it. You should wait at least 48 hours after bathtub refinishing before using the tub, but it’s even better if you can wait a week. The temperature in your home and other factors can change the curing time. Even if the tub’s surface is dry to the tub, it may not be fully set underneath. If you can have a little patience, you will significantly increase the life of your refinished tub.

How to Clean a Refinished Bathtub

For the most part, you can clean your refinished bathtub much like you would clean any bathtub. The coating is designed to withstand most household cleaners, including Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. We would not recommend abrasive scrubbers like steel wool or scour pads. Those may wear down the coating over time. Thankfully, your tub’s surface will be smooth, so you should not need much to wipe it down.

How to Caulk around a Refinished Bathtub

If you got your bathtub and tile surround refinished, you may not have any caulking to worry about. If you just have a refinished bathtub though, the caulk line between the tube and tile may eventually need to be redone. Follow these steps to caulk around your refinished tub:

  1. Remove the old caulking around the tub.
  2. Fill the bathtub with water. This puts weight in the bathtub, which will make it sink slightly. If you caulk the tub now, the caulk will not crack when someone takes a bath in the future.
  3. Apply bathroom caulk around the rim of the bathtub. Use your finger to press it into the seam between the tub and tile.
  4. Remove the excess caulking. You can do this with a wet rag on your finger, or with a special squeegee tool made for caulking. You can pick one of these up inexpensively at most hardware stores.
  5. Allow the caulk to dry for the recommended time before using the tub or shower.

Your bathtub should only need to be recaulked once every five years, depending on usage. If the caulking shrinks after the first application, simply put a second layer over it. You do not have to remove the first layer of new caulk.

Ways to Avoid Damaging Your Bathtub

Now that you know how to clean a refinished bathtub, you need to know how to protect your refinished bathtub. Don’t worry – it’s durable! But there are some extra precautions you can take to keep it looking great.

  • Avoid using non-slip mats or stickers at the bottom of the bathtub. If you would like us to apply a slip-resistant coating during your bathtub refinishing, we can do that. The suction cups at the bottom of most bath mats can damage some coating materials, and they make the tub difficult to clean.
  • Do not put any stripping chemicals in the bathtub. This sounds like an obvious step, but it’s something you may not think about in the moment. For instance, you may go to rinse something off in your bathtub, or you may use your tub to hold paint stripper while you refinish your cabinets. That is not a good idea. Think before you set an object in your tub.
  • Routinely clean your refinished bathtub. This will prevent soap scum, dirt and grime from getting caked along the run. If you clean the tub fairly frequently, each cleaning sessions should require minimal scrubbing. The less abrasion you use, the better you can protect your bathtub.
  • Don’t drop heavy objects in the tub. Be careful with hammers, crow bars, and other tools you may be using in your bathroom. Dropping a heavy object in the tub could chip the coating, depending on the power of the impact.

For more information about maintaining your refinished bathtub, contact the experts at Maryland Tub and Tile. You may reach us at 877-717-8827.

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