How to Fix Stained Tile Grout

Fix Stained Tile Grout

Stained tile grout can make your floors, backsplashes, and tub surrounds look old and dirty, even if you have just finished cleaning your home. Some stains can easily come off with thorough scrubbing, but others need some extra work to really come out looking good. Luckily, the team here at Maryland Tub and Tile has several unique options to help you fix stained tile grout.

Use a Bleaching Solution to Clean the Grout

If you have white or light colored tile grout, you could get rid of the staining with the help of a bleaching solution. You could make one of your own (there are plenty of DIY recipes online) or you could buy a grout cleaner from the store. Make sure to get a solution that comes out like a thick paste so you can set it on the tile and allow the bleach to work its magic. Then you can wipe it away with a damp cloth or sponge and see what remains. You may have to do this a few times over, depending on how deep-set the stains are.

If you are worried about what the bleach may do to the tile itself or if it might change the color of your grout in a negative way, try using it on a small patch of grout that is hard to notice. See if it is able to clean the grout without causing any negative side effects, and then proceed from there.

Stain the Tile Grout

This sounds like the opposite of a solution, but it does work in certain circumstances. The goal here is to make all of your grout look like it’s one color. If you have light grout that is stained in certain areas, you could use grout stain to make all of the grout look darker. This will change the overall look of your tile and grout, so you need to make sure you are happy with the changes before you start the staining process. Much like wood stains, grout stains are designed to be long-lasting, so you will have a hard time getting them out if you do not like the end result.

Refinished the Tile

With tile refinishing, you no longer have to worry about grout lines. The coating used in the refinishing process will cover the grout right along with the tile, so everything can get a facelift at the same time. Standard grout lines are porous, which is why they are so susceptible to staining. The coating we use during tile refinishing is smooth, much like the surface of ceramic tile. Not only will you cover up your existing stains, but you will also prevent stains from happening in the future. The result is quick and easy maintenance for all tile surfaces.

Note that in the tile refinishing process, we will also repair hairline cracks and other issues in your tile. When we put the new coating on, no one will know about damages you may have had in the past. We can also replace broken tile without worrying about getting a perfect match because everything will be covered with the refinishing products in the end. This is an affordable kitchen and bathroom remodeling solution that works for any budget.

Apply New Grout

In rare instances, you might be able to apply a new layer of grout over your current grout. This will only work if your existing grout is fairly deep, leaving room between the tile and the existing grout for the new grout to go in place. You could theoretically cut out the old grout to put new grout in, but that is time consuming and puts your tile at risk. Talk to one of the experts here at Maryland Tub and Tile, and we will help you come up with the best solution for your bathroom or kitchen.

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