How bathroom regrouting can help protect your health

bathroom regrouting

It’s no secret that your home’s bathrooms harbor millions of germs and other forms of nastiness. Faucet handles, the toilet seat and flush lever, shower stall, and vanity knobs are popular places for dirt and grime to populate; however, other places in the room also turn into incubators of toxic mold and can breed disease and related serious illness.

The best approach to fending off grime and keeping your bathroom a healthy place is regular cleaning. But simply spraying surfaces with the latest antibacterial cleaner and wiping them down doesn’t do the whole job. At some point, more intensive cleaning is needed in germ-heavy and hard to reach places.

The culprits are the cracks

At first glance, seams in bathroom tiles look innocent enough and might look plenty clean but those cracks are the go-to locations for molds and germs. Scrubbing the cracks is sufficient to a point but is only a temporary fix. Fungi will keep right on growing until a more permanent solution is applied and that means sealing seams with new grout and replacing any cracked tiles.

A lackluster bathroom regrouting job gives way to gaps under the tiles and in the seams, into which water seeps and creates the ideal environment for bacteria. Germs and the like love a perpetually moist place to breed and spread all over the room. One way to tell if you have a saturated grout problem is with your nose. If an unpleasant smell is emanating from grout seams, it’s time for repair work.

Bathroom Regrouting to the rescue

Bathroom tiling is tough stuff but will eventually degrade and moisture and consistent humidity takes its toll on tiles and grout. Regular scrubbing of the grout is also hard on it, weakens its bonding agents, and lends an unattractive appearance. Old grout simply looks dull and mold and dirt take to it quickly. In fact, since grout is porous, dirt and stains tend to sink in and build up over years and can be very difficult to remove. Regrouting brings new strength to the tiles, freshens the room’s look, and eliminates pesky and dangerous germs.

The color seal trend

A recent innovation in the bathroom finishing arena is color sealing. Color seal repels water and contain mildewcides and related cleaning agents that fight back against bacteria and germ growth. This sanitary benefit has a direct impact on your health and also helps eliminate nose-wrinkling smells common to older tile floors and wall.

Color seal is easier to maintain and provides aesthetic benefits as well. It is impossible to perfectly match original grout treatment as aging and time alter its look. With color sealing, you can get a consistent look throughout the room and you can select virtually any color you like.

Keep in mind that grouting is not a simple job. The protection you need only comes with proper application and applying grout takes finesse and patience. You will almost surely flounder on your first attempt and in most cases it’s best to enlist the services of a pro.

For more information on bathtub regrouting, contact Maryland Tub & Tile at (877) 717-TUBS (8827) or marylandtubntile.com.

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