Five Kitchen Style Trends for 2019

Kitchen Style Trends

If looking at your kitchen leaves you feeling restless, the 2019 style trends are just for you. These style elements are all about refreshing and renewing your space, adding something different and unexpected. There’s nothing space age about it, though – think natural, textured, layered, even moody. The goal is to create a kitchen that feeds the soul as well as the body. Here are five kitchen trends for 2019 that will help you love your kitchen again:

1. Black

Matte black is the big 2019 look. It’s on everything from appliances to counter tops to backsplashes to cabinetry. Think black cabinets with light wood countertops, or a black wall setting off rows of floating shelves. Black is also playing a big part in the trend towards edgier, textured, industrial fittings in the kitchen with wrought iron shelving and other fixtures.

Black is equally at home as a crisp accent in a light color pallette, or playing host to cabinets painted dark colors to match.  If you’re in the mood to try this trend on countertops or a tile backsplash, consider refinishing rather than replacing. 

2. Open shelving 

Whether it’s open cabinets or floating shelves, replacing walls of cupboards with rows of shelving can breathe instant new life into a tired kitchen. This open storage is designed to let you show off curated collections of your favorite functional items. Think glass shelves displaying richly colored dishes against a dark wall, or sleek kitchen ware shining on floating shelves of naturally textured wood. Pottery, pewter, glass, and stoneware are just begging for a chance to shine in this modern kitchen look. 

3. Two-toned kitchens

In 2019, there’s no need to choose between wood finished and painted cabinetry. Two-toned kitchens are everywhere, letting you mix and match your favorite finishes. Choose painted upper cabinets – or trendy open shelving – and pair them with wooden lower cabinets or islands. Use two light neutrals, like white and light wood, for an airy feel, or give your kitchen a moody vibe with dark painted cabinets under distressed wooden shelving. You can even pair one finish on the frame of your cabinets with a different one on the cupboard doors and drawer fronts.

4. Mixed metals

While we’re letting go of old ideas like white cabinets, we can also toss aside the idea that you need to pick one metal finish for your kitchen. Mixed metals lend themselves to a richer, more textured feel. So go ahead and choose copper for your sink fixtures and gold tone for your drawer pulls. To make this trend work, aim for an even distribution of metals across the kitchen. If everything is rubbed bronze except for the pendant light it’s going to look like an accident rather than a design feature. 

5. Back to nature

All this black, white, and metal doesn’t mean that you should aim for a shiny, space aged kitchen look. These trends all pair with a general movement towards textured, natural materials in the kitchen. Keep the black matte, and the white paired with natural materials. Think layered, rich, and even unfinished. Beaten metal, slabs of marble and granite, unadorned wood, and jute accents all play towards making the 2019 kitchen a rich, restful space. 

Inspired yet by these Kitchen Style Trends? 

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