Eliminate Bathtub Stains in Less Than a Day

Bathtub Stains

Do your bathtub stains make your bathroom look and feel dirty? Are you embarrassed when a new guest needs to use your bathroom? These stains don’t have to wear you down. Learn how to eliminate bathtub stains in less than a day.

What Causes Bathtub Stains?

Bathtub stains are most often the result of minerals and hardwater, but you may also face rust stains, mold, soap scum and other issues. For example, if you use your bathtub to wash car parts, the grease and oil from the parts may stain the tub. If you rinse out hair dye and don’t properly clean your tub afterward, that may also stain the bathtub.

There are different solutions for different types of stains, and not all stains are removable.

How to Remove Surface Stains in a Bathtub

Surface cleaning is the starting point for removing bathtub stains. If you’re reading this guide though, chances are you’ve already tried that. Here is an article to tell you how to best remove stains.

You can ramp up your basic cleaning techniques by using a mild abrasive. A melamine foam sponge like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can etch off some of the tub’s surface to remove the stains within. You can achieve a similar effect by using a baking soda paste to scrub away the stains.

If you do any of these abrasive methods though, you have to be prepared for the consequences. Removing part of the tub’s surface makes it more susceptible to staining in the future. You might get rid of the stains now, but you’ll find yourself cleaning far more frequently later on. You may also find that the stains don’t come off at all. Proceed with caution to protect your bathtub (and your sanity).

A Long-Term Solution for Stubborn Bathtub Stains

If you’re tired of seeing those bathtub stains or they just won’t come out, you could get your bathtub refinished. Bathtub refinishing will recoat your tub so it looks brand new. This is far more affordable than buying and installing a new bathtub, and you can cover all the stains in less than a day!

Bathtub refinishing also works for colored bathtubs. If your baby blue bathtub is making your house feel dated, you can get it reglazed in bright white. There is no messy demolition involved, and the results last for years. You could even go one step further by getting tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, and other reglazing services.

Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827 to get started.

How to Prevent Bathtub Stains

Here are some simple tips to prevent stains in your bathtub:

  • Dry out the tub after using it. Wipe down the sides of the tub with your towel once you clean yourself off. This will prevent hardware and minerals from building up along the side, and it only adds about a minute to your bathing routine.
  • Replace rusty pipes or plumbing fixtures. These will continue to create rust stains in your tub, and the rust will get worse with time.
  • Avoid using your tub to wash out dyes. This includes clothing dye, hair dye, and more. If you have to use your bathtub for this purpose, make sure you clean it right away. Do not leave the dyed water sitting for too long.
  • Clean your bathtub at least twice a month. If you do not use your tub often, you might get away with a lower cleaning frequency. If you use your tub every night, you may need to clean it once a week to prevent bathtub stains.
  • Avoid non-slip pads and stickers, if possible. We understand that sometimes these tools are a necessity, but they are notorious for damaging the surface of the tub. If you’re getting your tub reglazed, you can request an anti-slip coating for the bottom.

With the help of basic routine cleaning and a few lifestyle changes, you can save yourself from backbreaking stain removal in the future.

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