Double Vanity vs. Single Vanity: Should Your Bathroom Have Two Sinks?

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Many homeowners dream of having a double vanity in their bathroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s the main bathroom for the house or the master bathroom – a double sink setup is the standard to strive for. While there are a lot of benefits to having two sinks, this design is not practical for all bathrooms. Read on to determine if you should have a double  or single vanity.

Why Double Sinks Are So Sought after

Having two sinks in a bathroom makes it more functional, at least in most cases. Two people can be brushing their teeth at the same time without bumping into each other to access the faucet. Many couples have his and her sink setups, where each person has a designated sink for their personal items. In a household with kids, two sinks create more space for everyone to spread out when they’re getting ready.

From a design perspective, double sinks create a bigger statement than a single sink. This is especially true when there are accent mirrors above each of the sinks. The vanity looks balanced, dramatic and substantial. You can’t get the same impact with a single vanity.

Two Sinks Don’t Make Sense for All Bathrooms

Despite the benefits of double vanities, they do not make sense for all bathrooms. This mostly comes down to space availability. If you don’t have a ton of room for your vanity, having two sinks may eat away at your limited counterspace. This creates issues with storage and makes the bathroom look more cluttered.

Double vanities also won’t work if the sinks have to sit right next to each other. Sure, you have a slight gap between the sink users, but realistically, you’re still standing side-by-side. You may be better off with a slightly oversized sink for the two of you to share, rather than two sinks smushed together for no reason.

Will a Double Vanity Increase My Home Value?

If you have sufficient room for a double vanity, it will make your home appeal to more buyers. Families and couples know the benefits of having two sinks, and they may consider this a major selling feature for your home. This addition might not increase your value per se, but it can increase your ability to sell your home moving forward.

How Hard Is It to Add Another Sink in a Bathroom?

If you only have one sink in your bathroom currently, you will need plumbing adjustments to add a second sink. This can get costly, depending on how many modifications need to be made. You’ll also need a vanity that can support two sinks, as well as the sinks themselves, faucets, and a modified countertop. For some, it’s an easy swap, but for others, it’s not worth the cost.

Should I Add a Double Vanity to My Bathroom?

Evaluate all the factors above, from cost to function to return-on-investment. If the pros outweigh the cons, go for it! If not, you may be better off investing in a more profitable bathroom remodeling option. Refinish the tile in your shower or upgrade your worn-down countertops. These additions will make a big impact, and they won’t require the hassle of vanity swapping.

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