Do’s and Don’ts of Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Thinking about refinishing your cabinets? Not sure if it’s a good idea? Cabinet refinishing can save a ton of money in bathroom or kitchen remodeling, but only if it’s done correctly. If you approach the investment strategically, you can maximize your benefits along the way. Here are the do’s and don’ts of cabinet refinishing, courtesy of Maryland Tub and Tile.

DO Hire a Professional to Refinish Your Cabinets

Cabinet refinishing is not as easy as it looks. It’s a tedious process that requires careful preparation and the right combination of materials. This is not a weekend DIY project, and it’s not something you can likely achieve with tools you have on hand. If you want a long-lasting finish that looks great for years to come, it pays to hire the pros.

DON’T Refinish Cabinets That Are No Longer Functional

There is no sense refinishing cabinets that are beyond repair. If they’re structurally sound but not aesthetically pleasing, that’s one thing. But if they’re falling apart or completely insufficient for your needs, you’re probably better off replacing them. This is common for cabinets that have water damage or have an outdated layout that doesn’t fit today’s lifestyles. We want you to make sound investments in your home that you feel confident about.

DO Be Strategic When Selecting Cabinet Refinishing Colors

You can refinish your cabinets in just about any color. The undertones, darkness and general shade of your cabinets will completely transform your kitchen. White is a common color for cabinet refinishing, but white cabinets are harder to keep clean than darker cabinets. Many homeowners opt for dark base cabinets and white upper cabinets to cut down on cleaning and maintenance.

Think carefully about what color you want in your kitchen before committing to cabinet refinishing.

DON’T Be Afraid of Color (If You Like It)

Neutrals stand the test of time, but you shouldn’t be afraid of color. If you want navy blue cabinets or a beautiful sage green, go for it! Those colors may look dated in a decade, or they may be the perfect flare for your home. Your personal enjoyment matters just as much as design longevity.

DO Consider How the Cabinets Will Coordinate with Other Features in the Room

Will your cream cabinets clash with your grey backsplash? Will charcoal cabinets look odd with your countertops? Think about how the kitchen will look as a whole, taking into account other features you may want to refinish. For example, if you’re getting backsplash refinishing or countertop refinishing, you’ll want to choose cabinet colors that fit the updated color scheme. Look at the big picture as well as the individual elements.

DON’T Choose White If You’re Not Prepared for the Cleanup

White cabinets can help your kitchen look bright, inviting and spacious. That doesn’t mean they’re the perfect fit though. If you’re not a fan of fingerprints and cleanup, white cabinets probably aren’t for you. Instead, you may choose a soft beige or grey color to hide the dirt in between cleaning cycles.

With this in mind, you may like the idea of knowing exactly when you need to clean your cabinets, or you may be a person who cleans the faces every week. If so, having white cabinets won’t change your lifestyle too much.

Get a Free Quote for Cabinet Refinishing from Maryland Tub and Tile

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