Can You Spray Paint a Bathtub?

spray paint a bathtub

Spray paint is a fast and affordable solution for a range of home improvement projects. The problem is, spray paint rarely looks professional and doesn’t hold up to daily wear and tear. Before you decide to spray paint your bathtub, check out the guide below. We explain why this isn’t a great option and how you can achieve a longer lasting effect.

Spray Painting a Bathtub Isn’t a Great Idea

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t spray paint a bathtub. For starters, most spray paints are not made to adhere to slick tub surfaces. You could lightly sand your tub before painting, but you’re still not going to get great adhesion.

Spray paint is much thinner than traditional paint, and it cannot withstand a ton of wear. Assuming you use your tub on at least a weekly basis, you’re not going to have a new looking tub for long. The paint will quickly scrape off and peel, leaving you with a blotchy mess that looks worse than before.

It’s difficult to control spray paint, both in terms of application consistency and in terms of general messes. You’ll need to cover a wide area to protect surfaces around the tub, and you’ll likely end up with splotches of paint in select areas. Even with multiple coats, you’re not going to have a professional finish.

What about the Paint Specifically Made for Bathtubs?

There are spray paints on the market that are designed for bathtubs, but they’re still not great. Even the DIY tub refinishing kits you can find in hardware stores aren’t strong enough to truly bond with the tub. You may like the look for a few days or even a few weeks, but soon you’ll regret the decision. The work it takes to undo and redo the paint will be more comprehensive than professional refinishing, as outlined below.

A Better Alternative: Bathtub Refinishing

If you want a different coating on your bathtub, refinishing is the way to go. Here at Maryland Tub and Tile, we use a proprietary blend that securely bonds to the surface of your bathtub. This is true for most styles of tubs, from cast iron to fiberglass and more.

Tub refinishing is great for covering stubborn stains or making your tub look bright white again. It lasts for years with minimal care, and it costs a fraction of getting a new tub. As long as your current bathtub is in good structural condition, we can make it look brand new.

Other Surfaces in Your Kitchen and Bathroom That You Can Refinish

The possibilities are endless with kitchen and bathroom refinishing. From the cabinets to the countertops and everything in between, refinishing will transform the room for you. This is an affordable solution for homes of all sizes and ages, and it drastically cuts back on remodeling time.

If you’d like a quote for tub refinishing, tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, shower pan refinishing, or anything else you can think of, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827.

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