Can You Resurface Old Tile?

Resurface Old Tile

Have a tile backsplash you just don’t want to tear down? Perhaps you like the shape and size of your tile but not the color. The good news is, you can resurface old tile and completely transform your kitchen or bathroom. Here’s a closer look at how tile refinishing works.

You Can Resurface Old Tile Instead of Replacing It

If your tile is mostly in good condition, you can refinish it instead of replacing it. Maryland Tub and Tile applies layers of specialty coating over your tile and grout to create a smooth finish in the color you desire. If you have minor cracks in your tile, we can fill those in before the new coating goes on. Major cracks or broken tile may need to be replaced before resurfacing. Thankfully, this is a targeted repair, not a complete tile replacement.

Are Tile Refinishing and Tile Resurfacing the Same?

Most professionals use the terms “tile resurfacing” and “tile refinishing” interchangeably. Some may suggest that tile resurfacing involves the process of reglazing individual tiles in a kiln, but most resources will use both terms to reference the same process. For the purpose of this guide, assume that tile refinishing and tile resurfacing are the same.

How Tile Resurfacing Works

Every company is a little different, so we can only reference what we do here at Maryland Tub and Tile.

  1. First, we conduct an in-person consultation to evaluate the project, provide a quote, and discuss design ideas. If you want an accent border or unique feature for your bathroom, we can go over all your options at this time.
  2. We thoroughly prep the tile and complete all necessary repairs. This is often the most time-consuming part of the process, but it is crucial for yielding a smooth, long-lasting finish. We also ventilate the room during the prep steps.
  3. We apply multiple coats in the desired colors and designs. The coating goes over your tile and grout, sealing off the grout lines from dirt and grime. If you want your tub, sink or other fixtures refinished, we can do that all at once.
  4. The total installation only takes a few hours, but the coating needs to cure for at least 48 hours before interacting with the tile. The surface may be dry to the touch before that, but the underlayers need time to harden.
  5. After curing is complete, you can use your tile just as you did before. No demolition, no cleanup, and no hassle on your end!

Tile resurfacing costs a fraction of tile replacement, and it can be completed in a much faster timeframe. If you’re on a budget or working with a tight schedule, this is the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

How Long Does Tile Resurfacing Last?

Tile resurfacing has the potential to last 10 years or more with proper maintenance! Many homeowners see results far longer than that, especially in areas where the tile gets minimal wear and tear. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning the tile, and you should be able to dramatically extend its lifespan. Better still, choose neutral colors for tile resurfacing so your tile can seamlessly transition through design trends.

Maryland Tub and Tile offers tile resurfacing in the Baltimore metro and surrounding areas. Contact us at 877-717-8827 to schedule your consultation.

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