Can You Refinish a Tile Fireplace?

Tile Fireplace

Tile refinishing is popular in bathrooms and kitchens, but it can apply to many other areas of your home. If you don’t like the way your tile fireplace looks, you could refinish it without getting new tile. Let’s explore how fireplace tile refinishing works so you can plan your renovation.

Tile Refinishing for Fireplace Façades

Tile refinishing recoats your tile and grout. You can turn that ugly green tile around your fireplace into faux stone or almost any solid color you love. The new coating will harden over a couple days until it becomes a durable finish you can clean with ease.

Tile refinishing costs far less than new tile, and it requires no demolition. If there are minor chips or cracks in your tile, we can fill those in before recoating it. Tile refinishing also gives you a chance to see how a different façade might look before committing to a total remodel. It’s a great solution, whether you want a short term fix or a long-term refresh.

Can You Refinish Tile on the inside of the Fireplace?

The answer to this depends on how you plan to use the fireplace. Tile refinishing isn’t designed for direct fire exposure. Thus if you actively use your fireplace, the inside tiles won’t stand up to persistent flames.

However, if you do not use the fireplace regularly and want a cosmetic upgrade, the inside tile or brick can be refinished. Many homeowners put electric logs or décor in non-working fireplaces, in place of where traditional logs would go.

Can I Paint My Fireplace Tile?

Tile painting is not the same as tile refinishing. Many DIYers aim to do this as a way to save money, only to end up spending more money to fix the tile later on. Our proprietary coating is far more durable than any paint you can buy on the shelves, and we back our service with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

You might be surprised by how affordable tile refinishing is, and you’ll get professional results that won’t scratch like paint.

How to Choose the Color for Fireplace Refinishing

There are tons of colors to choose from for fireplace refinishing. You could make the tile bright white, as long as you don’t mind the cleaning that comes with white tile. If you want something that hides dirt and dust, you may opt for a faux stone finish in beige, grey, or another soft neutral.

You could also go for bold contrast, like black tile or an accent color. Coordinate with other colors in the room, and find a color that achieves your design goals. Just note that if you’re aiming for longevity or resale potential, neutral colors are the safest bet.

To learn more about fireplace hearth and tile refinishing, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827.

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