Can You Put a New Backsplash over an Old Backsplash?

Old Backsplash

If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen, the backsplash can make a big impact. Before you rip out your existing backsplash, consider covering it instead. This is a great way to save money and drastically reduce your reno timeline.

Can you put a new backsplash over an old backsplash? If so, what type of cover works best? Let’s take a look at your options.

You Can Leave Your Existing Backsplash with Tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing involves applying new glaze directly over your existing tile. This process requires no demolition, and the results are astounding. Here at Maryland Tub and Tile, we use the highest-quality tools and materials to create a beautiful, durable finish. This professional solution costs significantly less than getting new tile, and it cuts down on your renovation time.

If you’re worried about cracks and chips on your existing tile, don’t be. We will make repairs before refinishing your tile so the end result looks smooth and seamless. You can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns, or you could get a bright white backsplash that goes with everything.

The tile refinishing process covers your grout lines, so you never have to worry about tedious cleaning again! You’ll have a stunning, low-maintenance backsplash that looks brand new – all for a fraction of what you may have spent otherwise.

What If I Have a Laminate Backsplash?

Laminate backsplashes can also be refinished. If you have corresponding laminate countertops, you could get those refinished as well! Enjoy the look of granite or marble without the hefty cost. We can also create two different looks for the countertops and backsplash, if you’d like them to contrast one another. For example, you could go with a grey stone look for your countertops and then a solid white color for your backsplash. The design possibilities are endless!

Issues with Putting Tile over Tile

Can you put new tile over a tile backsplash? Yes, in theory, but you’re not going to get great results. Doing this would lead to an overly thick backsplash. That’s if you can get the new tile to adhere to the old tile. The adhesive used for tile installation does not stick well to glossy surfaces. It needs pores to latch onto.

If your existing backsplash is not level, the new tile won’t sit right. You may end up with a warped finished result, if you can get the tile to stick at all. You’re much better off covering the tile through tile refinishing, not by adding new tile over old tile.

Reasons to Avoid Peel and Stick Backsplashes

Another option you may consider is putting up a peel and stick backsplash. This looks easy to do at first glance, but proceed with extreme caution. Most peel and stick products are tricky to work with, and they’re not designed to withstand heavy moisture levels. They may work fine in a buffet area in the dining room, but not in a kitchen or bathroom.

Also keep in mind that the tiles may not adhere well to your existing backsplash. If they do, they might be difficult to remove later on. Many peel and stick tiles leave a nasty residue that requires meticulous cleaning to get off. Save yourself the hassle by getting your backsplash refinished instead.

Schedule Your Backsplash Refinishing Quote

It’s easy to see why tile refinishing is the superior choice for covering an old backsplash. It’s simple, affordable, and long lasting. If you’re interested in backsplash refinishing, we would love to come out for an in-person quote. We service homes and businesses in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Please call 877-717-8827 to reach Maryland Tub and Tile.

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