Can you change the color of your bath tub?

change the color of your bath tub

As your bathroom décor becomes outdated and you prepare for a remodel, the old 70’s pink may have to go. You soon realize you can’t just remove the old one tub and replace it as easy as you would replace a sink. Most bathtubs have a flange that runs along the edge where the tub and tile meet. This makes it impossible to remove the bathtub without removing the grout and a portion of the tile on the wall. In addition to the plumbing and demolition, replacing a bath tub is a big job.

What do you do if you need a color change? Demolition of the bath tub will be expensive but, is there an alternative? We get this question frequently. The answer is YES, there is an alternative!

Refinishing (also called re-glazing or refacing) is a process of applying an industrial strength coating over the bathtub surface. The process makes your bath tub look and feel like brand new, eliminating the need to replace it. You may have seen this process used on home improvement TV shows. Not only is it a faster process, it costs about 75% less than replacing and looks and feels like brand-new.

We’ve had many customers call us to refinish their bathtub simply because they want to change the color. But, what if you have scratches, stains, chips or worn spots? No problem. We fix all of those in the refinishing process.

Refinishing can also work for the tile around the tub, the sink, countertops and even the floor. Refinishing your tile has many benefits including the fact that the refinishing process seals in grout lines preventing mildew growth.

What colors can I pick?

We can transform a black tub to white and vice versa. Along with every color under the sun, we even carry multi-surface refinishing products that have a stone fleck look. And, refinishing works on porcelain, steel, cast iron, fiberglass and acrylic.

DIY or hire a professional?

You may be tempted to purchase a bathtub refinishing kit from your local home improvement store. Beware of using these kits. In most cases, these kits do not contain the same professional grade products used by a refinishing company (even if they say “Commercial Grade”). That means the finish may not last as long. In the cases where the kit does contain professional strength chemicals… you must consider safety precautions when using them.

And, you must be comfortable with your own DIY skills. The last thing you want is to undertake this DIY project only to end up calling a professional because of bubbling or other issues.

As refinishing professionals, we use a Hepa filtration system along with an outside venting system – ensuring safety. Unlike some other companies, we also include re-grouting, crack repairs and caulking in one flat price. We only use professional grade; high-quality products and we provide a full five year no-hassle guarantee. A typical bath tub refinishing project takes less than a day and most people cannot tell the difference between a professionally refinished tub and a brand new one.

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