Can Bathtub Refinishing Prevent Rust?

Refinishing Prevent Rust

Tired of seeing rust stains in your bathtub? Does it feel like your tub always looks dirty, no matter how much you clean it? Bathtub refinishing is a great way to cover old stains and make a tub look like new, but could it actually prevent rust from forming? Let’s take a look at how bathtubs rust and what you can do to prevent it moving forward.

What Causes Rust in a Bathtub?

Rust is usually caused by one of two things. Either there is rust in the piping that comes out in the tub, or there is exposed metal in the tub that rusts with water exposure.

In the first scenario, the only way to resolve the rust issue is by replacing the piping. In the second though, you could get the tub recoated so that the metal inside is no longer exposed to water. This is not a concern with fiberglass tubs, but it may be if your bathtub is made of iron.

How Does Bathtub Refinishing Work?

Bathtub refinishing is the process of recoating your bathtub to look like new. The tub is cleaned, prepped, repaired and lightly sanded before the new coating goes on, and then we spray it down with layers of urethane.

In this process, the bathtub does not have to be moved or removed to be refinished. It can stay right where it is. We mask off any area that you do not want refinished, such as surrounding tile and plumbing. If you do want tile refinishing, we can do that as well! The new surface of the tub and/or tile will be just as durable as the original material.

Can Bathtub Refinishing Prevent Rust Stains?

If the source of the rust is the exposed metal in the tub, then yes, bathtub refinishing will prevent rust stains. This is sort of like putting a topcoat onto a painted piece of furniture. The topcoat blocks liquid from absorbing into the furniture so you can wipe it down and preserve the look of the piece.

With bathtub refinishing, the new coat seals the metal within the tub that would rust under water. New rust won’t have a chance to form because it is covered by the urethane coating. A properly maintained refinished tub can last well over a decade, so you won’t have to worry about rust for quite some time.

Note that if the source of the rust is the plumbing, not the tub, then refinishing the bathtub won’t solve the problem. Find the source of your rust stains, and then you can find the appropriate solution.

Get a Free Estimate for Bathtub Refinishing

You’ll likely be surprised by just how affordable bathtub refinishing can be! This is a fraction of the price of getting a new tub, and it only takes a matter of hours. If you’d like a quote for bathtub refinishing, contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827.

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