Are Black Bathroom Fixtures a Good Idea?

Black Bathroom Fixtures

Black has become a popular accent color for kitchens and bathrooms. Many homeowners love the look of sharp black fixtures against crisp white cabinets, and others like the way black adds a pop of “color” without actually committing to an accent color. Nevertheless, black hardware and faucets aren’t suited for every home. Read on to learn the pros and cons of black fixtures.

Black Fixtures Work with Many Design Styles

Black is a neutral color, which makes it incredibly versatile. Black fixtures fit into a variety of design styles, from modern farmhouse to mid century modern to industrial and more. If you plan to sell your house in the future, black fixtures can appeal to a wide pool of buyers. This is a safe choice for a large portion of homes in America.

Black Bathroom Fixtures Are Often Hard to Clean

The biggest drawback to black hardware, black faucets and black light fixtures is that they are difficult to keep clean. The black highlights water drops and dust, much like dirt on a black vehicle. The fixtures may look great when they’re clean, but they won’t look clean for long. Many homeowners dislike the maintenance this adds to their day-to-day life and prefer other finishes with less upkeep.

Black Adds Contrast, Which May or May Not Be Ideal

You may love the stark contrast of black against other colors in your bathroom, but not everyone feels that way. Some people prefer their hardware to blend in with the cabinetry or add a subtle touch of shine. If you’re in the latter group, you may prefer a finish like brushed nickel or champagne gold.

Also keep in mind that black contrasts different colors in different ways. It may look bold against light colored cabinets, but it might blend in with darker cabinets. If you have dark cabinets and want your hardware to stand out, a lighter finish may provide the contrast you’re looking for.

Will Black Hardware and Lighting Go out of Style?

Since black is a neutral color, it can transition through different design trends. However, the specific style of your black fixtures may not fit trends of the future. Industrial light fixtures are popular right now, but they will likely be outdated in a decade. Remember when every home had brass and white cabinet knobs? Those once trendy elements look out of place in modern homes.

If you want black fixtures that will stand the test of time, look for simple lines and minimal detail. The more ornate and intricate something is, the less likely it is to be in style in the future.

Other Ways to Add Black Accents to a Bathroom

You can add black accents to your bathroom without choosing black fixtures. Something as simple as art with a black frame will achieve the same visual pop without committing to hard-to-clean hardware. Add a rug, shower curtain or towels with black in them to create the look you’re going for, or consider refinishing your countertops with touches of black.

We can create a custom countertop design that incorporates black into it. Countertop refinishing is far more affordable than countertop replacement, and it allows you to get the specific colors you want for your bathroom. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile at 877-717-8827 to schedule a free estimate for tile or countertop refinishing.

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