Built-in vs. Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Thinking about upgrading your bathroom vanity? There are tons of options to choose from, so it’s important to find the right fit for your budget and aesthetic. Start by narrowing down whether you want a freestanding vanity or built-in vanity. This comparison guide will help you decide which option is right for you.

What’s the Difference between a Freestanding Vanity and a Built-in Bathroom Vanity?

A freestanding bathroom vanity is, well, freestanding. It may look like a decorative dresser or piece of furniture in the bathroom, rather than a set of cabinets. Built-in vanities typically run all the way to the floor and look like they are directly connected to the wall. Both freestanding and built-in vanities are usually secured to the wall, but built-ins are more notably attached.

Benefits of Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities tend to offer more design options. Rather than looking like a row of base cabinets, these vanities look like standout design features. You can get a decorative vanity in either case, but you’ll likely find something more unique with freestanding vanities.

Freestanding vanities may be designed with open shelving toward the bottom, which can help a small bathroom feel larger. These vanities may even look like they’re floating, which works well in many modern designs.

Countertops are usually included with the cost of a freestanding vanity, so they tend to cost less than built-ins. You may even find a vanity that comes with a sink and a faucet. Just make sure those features coordinate with the rest of your bathroom.

Benefits of Built-in Bathroom Vanities

Built-in vanities look like they’re part of your house. This can create a cohesive connection between your bathrooms and kitchen. If you want your whole house to have the same “vibe,” a built-in vanity may be a better option for you.

Built-in vanities tend to offer more storage, and they’re perfect for traditional home designs. These vanities can be custom-built to your exact specifications, though they may cost a little more than a prefabricated freestanding vanity. If you want a vanity that spans the exact width between two walls, getting something built-in is the best option.

The countertops for these vanities are usually sold separately, so you can choose the exact counter you want. However, this further adds to the cost, making it unrealistic for certain budgets.

Before You Replace Your Vanity, Consider Bathroom Vanity Refinishing…

If you have an existing vanity in your bathroom, use it! As long as it is in good shape, you can probably modify it to fit your design style. Paint the exterior, add new hardware, or swap out the faucet. If you’re not happy with the countertop or sink, consider sink and countertop refinishing from Maryland Tub and Tile. We specialize in bringing outdated features back to life so you can save money on home remodeling. Give us a call at 877-717-8827 to get a quote for vanity refinishing services.

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