Bathroom Tile Color Trends – Neutral vs. Colored Tile

bathroom tile color

The bathroom tile color trends of 2022 are completely different than trends from 10 years ago. Tastes and styles change with every passing year, and it may be hard to keep track of as a homeowner. So, what’s in right now? Is neutral tile still appealing, or do buyers prefer colored tile instead? Let’s take a look at what bathroom design trends look like in 2022.

Colored Tile Is Coming Back in Style

Colorful tiled is definitely coming back in style. Turn on any HGTV show, and you’ll likely see designers installing blush pinks, rich greens, dark blues, or other colors in their renovated spaces. If you want to use a unique, trendy tile, this is definitely the time to do it. Just note that trends are fleeting, so that colorful tile might look dated in a few years.

Specific Color Trends Fade Quickly

We’re starting to step away from the “all neutral” trend, but the colors that are trendy now aren’t going to be in style in a few years. There was a point when baby blues and pinks were all the rage. Now those bathrooms instantly look dated and out of place. If you’re going to commit to a color, be aware of how long it may last (or not last).

Neutral Colors Are Adaptable and Stand the Test of Time

The reason why neutrals remain a persistent recommendation is because they can adapt to changing bathroom tile color trends. A neutral foundation sets the tone for more expressive designs in the future. Beige, grey and white look great with blue accent rugs, red artwork, raw wood, and everything in between. Even if they’re not “on-trend” at the moment, they will look great with not-so-permanent features.

Change up your shower curtain, rugs, art, counter décor and other features to bring in those trendy colors. Then you can achieve the look you’re going for while still maintaining a neutral, low-maintenance base.

Should You Design around Bathroom Tile Color Trends?

This is entirely up to you. If you don’t mind having a “dated” bathroom in a few years, you’re certainly welcome to use whatever colors you want. If you’d prefer tile that’s going to look great well into the future, a neutral pallet would be a safer bet.

It’s also important to consider how long you will stay in the house. If you want mustard yellow tile in your forever home, by all means, make that happen. If you plan to sell in a few years, you may want a safer color scheme that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Having a trendy bathroom may alienate some potential buyers.

How to Change the Color of Your Tile without Getting New Tile

If you want to neutralize your bathroom tile or add a splash of color, you don’t have to get new tile. Instead, you could get tile refinishing to cover your existing tile and grout. This is a budget-friendly way to update your bathroom and achieve an entirely new look.

Tile refinishing costs far less than tile replacement, and the results last for years with proper care. Maryland Tub and Tile offers bathtub refinishing, tile reglazing, shower pan refinishing, countertop resurfacing, and many other affordable home remodeling services. If you’d like to schedule a quote, please call us at 877-717-8827.


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